Corrugated paper tulips with candy

Corrugated paper tulips with candy- a beautiful bouquet of corrugated paper tulips with a small sweet surprise inside.

Materials and tools:

  1. corrugated paper
  2. glue, glue gun;
  3. thread;
  4. stalk wire;
  5. candy.

Step 1

Cut a sheet of yellow paper into rectangles, then give them an oval shape. Now let's shape the petals.

Step 2

Take the candy and "wrap" its petals (see figure) - you get a bud. We will put the bud on the wire-stalk and fix it with a thread (duct tape), in addition you can drop a little glue. Repeat these steps with all the sweets.

Step 3

Cut the strip from the green corrugated paper and wrap the stem completely, fix the ends using glue.

Then, cut out the diseased leaf from green paper, shape it and glue it to the stalk.

We collect all the tulips in a bouquet.Corrugated paper tulips with candyare ready.

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