Cottage house

When designing a game complex for a cat, the idea arose to make a hanging house on the first floor. Main requirements: lightweight, durable, stable construction of scrap materials. I didn’t want to spend extra money on the basis for the house, the cardboard box would hardly withstand active exploitation for a long time, the house would have been a difficult one out of wooden bars and plywood. Therefore, four five-liter plastic bottles were prepared for the house; a leopard fleece piece, a synthetic winterizer piece, carpet trimming, tape, glue, threads and a needle. Cutting out a sector with one edge in bottles, the main thing is that the hanger of the bottle and the other three edges remain intact - these are future ribs of rigidity and our design. Gently insert a rectangle of padding polyester into each bottle, make folds at the bottom of the bottle and in the hanger so that the padding polyester lies flat, we sew along the edge through the padding polyester and plastic.
Cut the sector in bottles
Then we also invest inworkpiece fleece rectangle and also stitch. We collect bottles all together, we sew all the joints through, through fabrics and plastic. In the fourth bottle, before attaching it to the others, we cut the entrance, the corner of the bottle, do not cut the bottom of the bottle, cut a hole of smaller diameter in the fabric, make small cuts and sheathe the entrance edge. For greater strength, we wrap a house with scotch tape several times, but with a scotch tape we also strengthen the bottom of the house.
 we wrap a house with adhesive tape
>img src="" alt="strengthen the bottom of the house" title="strengthen the bottom of the house">
The house is almost ready, in this form it was put into operation, it stood all winter near the battery, the cat only slept there, as the plastic base quickly heats up and perfectly keeps the heat— the house is always warm, the sintepon is also very warm, besides the sintepon-fleece mattress covers the bottle joints, in the house it is soft and cozy.
 house preparation
The next stage is preparation house to build it into the complex. First you need to refine it.
 We cover it with fleece
We cover it with fleece.A wide strip of fleece, the length of which is equal to the perimeter of the house, we sew into the pipe, turn the edge on one side and sew, insert the cord gum, put the pipe on the house, tighten the gum around the neck of the bottle, fix it tightly, but not quite so that there is a small stock. Then we slightly tighten the fabric around each neck and stitch it. At the bottom of the house in the corners we fold and sew the fabric so that the fleece fits everywhere tightly and there are no bubbles. At the entrance we cut fleece exactly along the edge, sew fleece with interior trim.
Add decorative decorations to the tone of the gaming complex, glue the carpet strip 5 cm wide and the strip along the bottom edge around the entrance, you can sew stripes for durability. We glue small triangular pieces of carpet on the upper part of the house, bottle hangers, and the house immediately acquires an elegant and slightly unusual look.
 House for a cat
Last stage : we hang the house on the rod between the pipes of the complex on the jute twine, the handles of the bottles are tightly attracted to each other and fix with the twine.The house is ready.
 house for kote

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