Country house interior: 20 ideas for a small bedroom

The country house opens for us not only the magnificent landscapes from the window, but also envelops us with a cozy homely atmosphere. Creating an interior of a country house, we want to harmoniously combine the traditional rustic style and modern comfort and functionality. We bring to your attention an interesting selection of ideas for a small bedroom in the interior of a rustic wooden house.Here you will find traditional natural textures and colors, and unexpected design solutions, some of which are already over 300 years old.

Very often a wooden bed in the house was built on a small podium, which included boxes for storing things.

A cozy and comfortable solution for a small bedroom is to place it in a niche by the window.

For the interior of this small country house, light colors and a light tree were used to give the house a more modern look.

If the height of the room allows.This bedroom in the house can be located on the upper level, creating an interior of a stylish studio in a country house.

The minimum number of dark shades in the interior make this tiny house more spacious and light, in which a small bedroom is located under the roof.

The bed in the traditional interior of a rustic wooden house was quite massive. painted and carved.

We can use these traditional design elements in a modern wooden house, taking into account our preferences for a more open and bright space.

Even if you do not have your own home in the country, and you only occasionally saw such houses in the shade of huge trees from the window of your car, at first glance it may seem rustic and outdated, but if you get to know the interior of a country house, it will charm you their good-natured serenity and hospitality.

If you are planning to create the interior of your country house, our 40 photos of traditional small bedrooms will help you find your acceptable option.

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