Crafting a snowman Olaf from salt dough

On the New Year and Christmas, even the prints of children's feet can be turned into an original memorable gift - for example, a pendant with the image of a funny snowman Olaf.

Such a pendant will surely please all relatives and close friends of your family

To make it, we use salt dough, which we knead as follows: pour half a glass of salt with a small amount of hot water, dissolve it and mix in a glass of flour. Add warm water until the mass becomes plastic. Knead and leave the dough for some time (about 20-30 minutes) to sell gluten. Now you can get to work.

 Sharing a snowman Olaf from salt dough

Sharing a snowman Olaf from salt dough

We form a small oval suspension from the dough; we necessarily pierce a hole for the ribbon from above. Put in the center of the suspension leg of the child and press down a little.The impression is ready! We leave it to dry at room temperature or send it to the oven, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 ° C. Drying naturally takes a few days, and in the oven - about three hours.

 Dry the footprint

Dry the footprint

After the way our mold will dry out well, we dye the dough around the trace into the main color, and we transform the footprint into a snowman of Olaf:

 We cover with white paint

We cover with white paint tion

will be the heel of his head and fingers - kicking. The contour of the snowman can be surrounded by a thin black marker. To make a bright and interesting piece of art, the snowman Olaf should be as expressive and funny as possible.

 Apply a picture of a snowman

Draw a picture of a snowman

Then we put a ribbon into the hole, form a loop, and our suspension is ready. Such a Christmas hack of salt dough will not only decorate the Christmas tree and apartment, but also help preserve the memory of how small your child’s legs once were.And if you specify the year on the work, you can easily determine the age of the baby.

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