Crochet sweater for little mods

Gone are the days when a dog in a sweater caused confusion among passers-by on the street. Clothes for dogs are sold in everyone, even the smallest pet store, and on the Internet, all the more you can find everything your heart desires. Therefore, to choose a quality and suitable outfit for your pet is not difficult. But the real masters know that for a beloved dog there is nothing better than a sweater, ideally suited to the size, connected with their own hands. The article provides diagrams and descriptions of crochet sweaters for dogs. Size S, i.e. the length of the animal is 25 cm. Product dimensions: the length of the back is 23 cm; the length of the abdomen is 15 cm (for boys), -18 cm (for girls ); the width of the neck -11 cm; the width of the chest - 16,5 cm. The density of knitting 1 cm.kv. = 3 double crochets. Accordingly, you can choose the size of the sweater by changing the number of columns. You will need: Yarn 100% wool 100g, hook No. 2.5, needle with a big eye.
 skein and hook
The main pattern is a simple double crochet. Description of the braid (picture on the back): The width of the 9 bars. 1st row: 3 faces relief with double crochets, 3 simple double crochets, 3 facial relief with double crochets; 2nd row: 3 seamy embossed double crochets, 3 simple double crochets, 3 sewn relief with double crochets; 3 row: 3 facial relief with double crochet, 3 simple double crochet, 3 front relief with double crochet; 4th row: skip 6 loops and knit 7th, 8th and 9th loop R with a double crochet column, then we come back and knit the 4th, 5th and 6th loop at work with a simple double crochet column and end the row, provoking the 1st, 2nd and 3rd loop with a seamy embossed column with a crochet. Then repeat from the 1st to the 4th row.
 braid knitting pattern
Job description:
1. Redraw the details on the paper.
It will be more convenient when knitting to check the shape of the part and adjust the number of columns in a row.2. Based on the density of the mating, tie the shape of the pattern with the main pattern of the abdomen and the sleeves.The shape of the part must be added and subtracted in the first and last loops of the rows. Moreover, these changes will be symmetrical in the back (the last loop relative to the first one), but not in the sleeves. 3. The shape of the back is also worth giving due to a change in the number of columns in the first and last loops (symmetrically). More details on the figure. The middle of the three braids must be started from the first row. It takes 9 medium loops. And the first facial relief columns of the side braids need to start knitting from the 9th row. So that on the 12th row in all three braids symmetrically overlap. The distance between the braids is 2 crochets. The rest of the back space is tied with the main pattern. 4. When all parts are ready, they should be sewn.
from needle
5. The connected parts must be tied. A mouth - a simple column with a double crochet in each loop. The lower edge of the abdomen - a simple column with a crochet, evenly passing 3 loops. The lower edge of the back - one column in each row on the sides of the product and through a loop in the area with braids. tying
Thus, the edge of the sweater will be slightly stitched, and it will be closer to the body of the animal 6.It only remains to cut and hide the threads and try on it more.
 Crochet sweater for dog
Crochet sweater for doggie
Try, show imagination, and most importantly - enjoy communicating with your loved ones.
dog in a sweater

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