Dangerous foods that can be eaten only once in a lifetime

Although this food is the usual diet of people in other countries, we are sure that you are unlikely to risk even looking at it, not to taste it!

How many countries, so many traditions. And often, what is acceptable for some is completely different. This applies to national cuisine as well. We chose the most terrible dishes of the world, which are unlikely to be included in the list of your favorite delicacies.

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Cambodia - deep fried scorpions

For us, this is still disgusting, but in China, Cambodia and Bangkok it is the most common product that can be found in any local market. By the way, scorpions also love to feast on in the elite restaurants of New York and Amsterdam, the dish is served on a cheese pillow surrounded by lettuce leaves. And in Cambodia itself, fried tarantulas are considered to be another delicacy.

Paraguay - stuffed rats

Rat meat is a favorite food of the inhabitants of small Paraguayan villages.Until recently, rats were stuffed, extinguished and roasted exclusively by villagers, but then this dish became popular throughout the country. By the way, rat meat, which tastes like rabbit or pork, contains a lot of protein and is dietary.

By the way, in neighboring Peru or distant Vietnam, too, will not give up the rat. In Peru, it is served whole, and in Vietnam - in soup or on the grill.

Iceland - rotten shark meat

This dish is called “Hakarl” (hákarl) and is prepared from shark carcasses, which are previously gutted, then buried in the ground and left in this form for 3-6 months. Then dug, dried, cut into small pieces and served. By the way, few tourists who dared to taste this dish, said that this is the most disgusting thing they have ever had to try!

Philippines - an egg with an embryo

Balut is a delicacy in Southeast Asia and especially in the Philippines. The name of the dish is translated as “footed egg” and is a fertilized duck egg, which is dried in the sun to speed up the development of the embryo. A few days later, the egg is boiled and eaten whole (along with the beak and bones of the embryo).Residents of the country believe that this is an excellent aphrodisiac, and will never give up the delicacy.

Japan - tuna eye

In the Land of the Rising Sun, you can find the most exotic products that you have ever seen. For example, the giant eye of fish, which is considered a delicacy there. Eat it immediately, without chewing, but simply swallowing.

Iraq - boiled sheep's head

Pacha, or boiled sheep's head, is a traditional festive dish not only in Iraq, but also in Iran. Sheep's head is thrown into salted boiling water, then seasoned with garlic sauce and served to the table. Believe that this is still a sight to see.

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Japan - poisonous fugu fish

The Japanese are truly unique people. About 300 people die in this country every year after tasting this dangerous (in all senses) fish dish, but this delicacy is becoming more and more popular. Cooks working with this fish must undergo special training and obtain a license, without which they will not be allowed into the process. For reference: fugu poison can paralyze a person, while he remains conscious. Death comes from suffocation.

USA - calf brains

In restaurants in St. Louis in Missouri (USA), one of the most popular dishes is a burger with calf brains (they are cut into slices and spread on hamburger bread). And in the same Mexico or El Salvador, beef brains that are served with tacos (burritos) are especially popular.

China - bird nests

The Chinese love the soup from the nests of the terns (Salangane), which use for this edible seaweed, gluing them with fish caviar and their own saliva. Therefore, the dish to taste is similar to fish soup, and there is one such portion, for a minute, $ 500−1000.

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