Decorating a wooden antique watch

We decorate a semi-antique wooden clock- a master class on wood aging. We transform a wooden clock bought in a store into a unique and ancient element of a home interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. watch;
  2. black paint (or other color) in a can;
  3. furniture lacquer or varnish in a can;
  4. sandpaper.

Step 1

We disassemble the clock, we need only wooden parts. We sand with sandpaper to smooth out irregularities and partially remove old paint. Also, paint is better placed on a sanded surface. We clean the clock from dust.

Step 2

Apply the first coat of paint and let it dry completely, then apply a second coat of paint - that should be enough, if not, apply another layer. We are waiting until the paint dries completely.

For painting, you can use both paint in cans and regular paint.

Step 3

Next, with sandpaper, remove excess paint until you get the desired result.

At the end we remove dust and cover the clock with a layer of furniture lacquer to protect.

Allantique wooden clocksare ready. Using this technique you can age any wooden interior element.

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