Decoupage of furniture


Updating the highchair

Highchair Update

Sometimes pieces of furniture remind us of childhood. Perhaps there is a shabby old baby highchair with shabby paint in your house. If you throw it out in a garbage pitifully, and it does not fit into the interior, it can be updated by simple
New Image of the Old Cabinet

New image of the old cabinet

"How good, how fresh were the roses! .." - a new image of the old cabinet. Each of us, sooner or later, is faced with the fact that old furniture is annoying or does not respond to its functions, and there is no money for a new one. However, even the acquisition of new cabinets does not
Decoupage wall clock

Decoupage wall clock

Materials: Pronty clock blank • Stamperia materials: Primer primer • Allegro acrylic paint (6 white) • Glue for decoupage by Colla Velo • Rice paper • Two-step craquelure composition KEOZM • Purpurin DP04B • Varnish in KES05 aerosol •
Table Restoration

Table Restoration

Everyone faced the problem of hatred of furniture. Often, even the most favorite table or casket, get bored, and you are ready to give everything to not see it. To solve this problem, the most ideal option would be
Decoupage dosochki with Paris

Decoupage dosochki with Paris

Such a cutting board decorated using decoupage technique can be a wonderful decoration of the kitchen interior, and it can also serve in its intended purpose - for cutting products. On the one hand, the board is decorated with a decoupage napkin
Decoupage of the cutting board
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Decoupage cutting board

Decoupage technique has recently become increasingly popular. It is a lacquer application of napkins, postcards or various paper images.

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