Disassemble the DSL modem

Today we will disassemble the modem from the webstream
Here is a general view of the modem.
Overturn the modem.
Remove the rubber bands that cover the bolts.
Unscrew the bolts .
And remove the cover. Now we have the opportunity to consider the modem's stuffing!
Vooooooooot it!
Here is the first Realteck processor.
And here is the second, only a smaller Realtek processor.
Capacitors, coils, resistors, diodes, etc
And these are the first 3 green LEDs, and one such white RGB.
Here is the board itself without a cover.
This is the port for the line.
This is an Ethernet port.
And this is the reset button, the charging slot and the switch.
The board is upside down,it has fewer tracks.

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