DIY do-it-yourself educational game

The study of colors for children 3 years old is the topic of our next class. However, today we will not only learn colors, we will do it for children with exciting fun for the development of fine motor skills. We paint the pasta in the following way:

  1. We mix the water-based paint with a small amount of PVA glue
  2. Put a small portion of pasta in a separate bag, which is closed and thoroughly kneaded with the dye. It is necessary to make it so that the pasta does not break
 colored pasta sorter

colored pasta sorter

Put the pasta on baking sheet by enclosing a sheet of paper for baking. You need to let the excess oil and water soak into this sheet.

 colored pasta is dried on paper

colored pasta is dried on paper

The baking sheet must be set either in the sun for a few hours,or leave overnight.

For the manufacture of colored pasta, we can use food coloring. We recommend even in this case to dry the pasta on the baking sheet, as they, having an oily surface, will stain hands with paint.

do-it-yourself color sorts

do-it-yourself color sorting

Instead of pasta, we can use rice or semolina instead. How to learn colors with a child using a sensory bath?

  • We show the child a macaroons, for example, red and suggest finding the same ones
  • We sort the pasta into heaps, by color, and, showing them to the child, we call the colors.
  • We call the color and ask the child to find the pasta of the color we named.

The child’s development using the sensory bath depends on him ages: Small children can simply play by touching and fingering pasta. With babies, we study the colors of the rainbow, simply by naming the color of the macaroni. With older children, we can do the sorting. To do this, we need colored cups in the color of pasta. Our task, using the Montessori method, is to sort the pasta by color using forceps or a spoon.At home, we found rings for the color of pasta, we also used them to repeat the colors.

 Tasks for preschoolers

Tasks for preschoolers

Another very interesting fun with a sensory bath that your baby will definitely like is the search for treasures buried in the sensory bath. For this we need the coins, which we will dig into the sensory bath. The child, portraying a pirate, must find the treasure (you can repeat the numbers in addition).

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