A penguin with your own hands

A bit of fantasy and a charming penguin is ready! The best way to have fun and to spend a long winter evening with your child is to make winter crafts, using your own hands turning specially prepared or simply any suitable material found in the house into funny characters.

For example, cardboard packaging from Under the eggs, you can easily transform into a charming penguin. Such a hand-made penguin with its own hands may well be made by younger children if an adult helps them at the right time.

 Penguin with your own hands

Penguin with your own hands

Before you begin the creative process, prepare everything you need:

  • carton packaging from under the eggs (it must be cut into cells);
  • pieces of simple cardboard or tape;
  • glue;
  • black and white paint, a brush and water;
  • orange or red foam board (you can replace it with regular cardboard);
  • eyes for making toys.

Getting started.

Two cells we connect with each other as if they are two halves of a casket - in different directions by the bottoms.To do this, use a piece of cardboard or scotch tape. In the second case, it is better to connect the halves after painting the figure.

 Connecting Cardboard Cells

Connecting Cardboard Cells

We paint them black and white - like the body of a penguin. White should be the stomach and muzzle.

We attach eyes to the muzzle.

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