Dog Bed - Donut

Materials and tools:

  1. 2 squares of dense fabric (for example, linen) measuring 120x120 cm;
  2. 1 square of colored (chocolate) fabric 120x120 cm;
  3. naponitel (sintepon);
  4. sewing machine;
  5. scissors;
  6. marker, rope.

Step 1

Take 2 squares of thick fabric, put on each other. Now we need to draw a circle with a radius of 55 cm (diameter 110 cm). To draw such a circle, take a marker, a pencil and a rope, attach a marker to one end of the rope, and a pencil to the other end; the length of the rope between them is 55 cm. Put the pencil in the center, and draw the circle with the marker.

Cut out 2 circles on the intended lines.

Step 2

Take a square of chocolate. Using the same tool from a pencil, a marker and a rope, draw a circle with a radius of 48 cm. We cut, just cut out not clearly along the line, but with zigzags in an arbitrary version, keeping to the intended line.

Step 3

Now we put together both parts of the donut, seamy side out. We fasten with needles and sew on a sewing machine, leaving a hole about 20-30 cm long to fill a donut.

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