Dog from scrap materials

On the threshold of the New Year. It is time to decorate the Christmas tree with balls, bows, garlands. It can be purchased toys or hand-made. In general, making Christmas crafts is the most exciting thing for the whole family. In the process with pleasure not only children but also adults participate. No wonder New Year is considered a family holiday. It is necessary to prepare for it all together.


A dog from scrap materials

A dog made from scrap materials with your own hands

Today we offer to make a children's Christmas tree decoration - a dog from scrap materials.

To work you need to collect:

  • two plastic cups
  • red or silver tinsel;
  • Kinder Surprise;
  • PVA and superglue
  • thread or ribbon for making a loop;
  • ready puppet eyes
  • a piece of brown plasticine;
  • paper;
  • scissors.



First, take a plastic cup from under the curd or yogurt, we will decorate the dog's head.

We will need puppet eyes, a plasticine nose in the form of a triangle and cut out of paper cheeks.


All the details are glued to the surface of the plastic cup as shown in the picture. We use PVA.


The ears of the dog will be made of tinsel of red color. Cut the strip 6-8 cm long and glue it to the top of the head.


Next, let's take up the loop of the Christmas tree toy. We ask father to pierce with an awl a hole in the lid of the container from under the “Kinder Surprise”. Immediately prepare a thread up to 10 cm long. We stretch the thread through a narrow hole, and tie the ends into a knot.


It remains to take the superglue and securely fasten the hat with the loop on the dog's head. For this purpose, gently grease the edges of the orange cover with glue and firmly press them against the cup. Make sure that the ears remain in place, do not move and do not spoil the craft.


Such bright we have a New Year's dog.


Now we'll make the dog's trunk. Take a second cup.

From above on the sides of the walls, using superglue, apply a piece of tinsel up to 7 cm in size. These are the front paws. We connect the trunk of the craft with the head.


It remains to add the hind legs. There can be several options, we chose the simplest of them.


Now with the help of an eyelet, we hang our Christmas toy from plastic cups on the Christmas tree. Tinsel on a thin wire easily takes any position. Let's use this property, raise the dog's left ear up.


Well, the work on the craft is finished. Finally, it remains to note that instead of tinsel, plasticine and puppet eyes in the class, you can use colored paper.

Absence of any materials at all should not interfere with the plans of creative children. We must seek a way out of the predicament.

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