Dragonfly Keychain

Once I decided to make a keychain on a mobile dragonfly. I liked the idea itself and as a result I improved a little and made the second dragonfly.
 Dragonfly Key Ring
1. I took the thread diameter of 1.5 mm green - for the dragonfly calf. I unwound 3 threads of 80 cm each, the ends on the fire were melted in order not to crumble and tied in half to a ring with a diameter of 1 cm.
 form the node
2. Next, we form a frivolite node on the left:
 form the node
and in the same way on the left.
form the node
We string the bead
3. We string a bead about 7 mm in diameter on the right. These beads I once bought in Montpensier, then tried to buy more, but could not find, so the second dragonfly used buttons from the sewing store. We string the bead
4. After that we form two frivolite nodes right and left 5. Accordingly, we connect two middle threads together
 tying up
 Dragonfly Charm
That's what happened, this is the face it turned out.
6. Now I will make a wing, for this purpose on the extreme threads on the right and on the left we stretch nine beads of a flattened diameter of about 5mm. 7. After that, I made a frivolite knot in a similar way to step 2-5, and I repeated it 2 times, then formed the second wing in the same way, but from six beads. Here is the little body left dragonfly:
 Dragonfly Key Ring
 Dragonfly Key Ring
Dragonfly Key Chain
8. Now you can proceed to the formation of the tail. I took the leftmost thread and made a frivolite knot around the four middle threads,and then just as on the right.
 Dragonfly Keyring
 Dragonfly Keyring This is the result of a dragonfly flaunting on my mobile! The second dragonfly at the end of the tail was wearing a bead.

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