Draw art paintings with flowers, plants

We draw art paintings with flowers, plants with our own hands - a simple master class that takes a little time, and in the end we get excellent and beautiful pictures.

Materials and tools:

  1. plants, flowers, leaves;
  2. frame, canvas;
  3. primer and brush;
  4. spray paint;
  5. masking tape.

Step 1

First, prepare the canvas - using a brush, apply a primer on the canvas and leave to dry, then glue the edges of the canvas with masking tape (you can even, better stick it unevenly and carelessly, so the picture will give even more effect). Now we take a sheet (flower, etc.), put it on the canvas; Take a can of paint (the color of your choice) and, holding and pressing the leaf of the plant, we start painting the canvas. When finished painting, remove the sheet and tear off the masking tape.

Art paintings with flowers, plantsis ready, we insert it into the frame and hang it on the wall.

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