Drawing for children 3-4 years old

In this article we want to talk about drawing with children from three to four years. What you need to remember when you are engaged in drawing with children? How to make a class fun and exciting? How and what can you draw? Let's try together to find the answers to these questions.

 Drawing for children 3-4 years old

Drawing for children 3-4 years old

How to organize a drawing lesson for children 3-4 years old?

  • Think over a lesson. Lose in your mind the entire sequence of what you and the child will do. Stock up with wet napkins, rags, so that if necessary, they were at hand.
  • Make an example of what should happen as a result of the occupation. This can greatly facilitate the explanation of the material.
  • Take a doll, animal or cartoon hero and conduct a lesson with it. Children will be happy to support the puppet teacher and help him.
  • Think about what photos, pictures, video and audio materials you can use in class.This will make your lesson fun and interesting.

The best drawing techniques in 3-4 years

Let's look at some drawing techniques for children 3-4 years old.

How and what to draw?

How and what to draw?


The meaning of this technique is to paint over some area without getting out of the picture. Hatching with a pencil or pen.

Have your child paint the bunny gray.

 coloring bunny

coloring bunny

Chanterelles color in red.
 chanterelle coloring chanterelle coloring


Coloring is like shading, but they will be painted. The meaning is the same - to paint over a specific area. For example, it is very interesting to draw multicolored circles using plastic cups, and then paint them in a suitable color.


Straight, wavy, interrupted, in a spiral, etc. Here is an example of how you can draw sky, grass and sun with different lines.

 line drawing sky and grass

line drawing sky and grass

 drawing lines of the sun

drawing lines of the sun


This is one of the first techniques that children learn and the most favorite. Children can paint this technique with sand, rain, snow, flies, etc. For example, you can decorate the pineapple with dots with a brush.

bitmap pineapple

Bitmap pineapple

Or draw a clover with cotton buds.

 Figure with cotton swabs

Figure with cotton swabs

Splashes and blots

If you usually think of splashes and blots I'm not neat with something, then in this technique everything is just the opposite. Here is an example of a beautiful butterfly from a blot. We put a blot in different colors on the paper, and then simply folded it in half. However, to get a butterfly pattern, you need to practice a little in applying paint.

 Butterfly from blot

Butterfly from blot

But such A monster can be made by applying paint with a large amount of water to a sheet of paper, and then blowing it on the paint droplets into the tube.Under the pressure of the air, the drop will flow, leaving a trace on a piece of paper.

 Monster from blots

Monster from blots

An interesting licky picture is obtained , if you apply finger paints or gouache on a piece of paper.

 Liquid paints

Liquid paints

Then we press them with a transparent film.

 Pressing the film

Pressing the film

Pressing the paint on the film, you can see how the paint spreads and mixes. And as a result, we get an interesting pattern!

 Drawing from smeared paint

Drawing from smeared paint

Watercolor on top of a chalk drawing

The technique is to draw a picture with white wax crayon or a candle on white paper. It will not be visible. Then, when a layer of watercolor is applied from above, the pattern begins to magically "manifest."

Babies will certainly be able to draw horizontal lines of rain.

































Patternpalms and hands "nest"

A very interesting way of drawing is to draw something volumetric on a large poster or on the back of unnecessary wallpaper. So you can do group work.

 Dimensional pattern

Dimensional pattern

We looked at several drawing techniques for children aged 3 to 4 years . However, things can go wrong. Paint may spill, roll over water, get dirty clothes. Try not to get upset and not to upset the child. Believe - the next time everything will turn out! A lot just comes with experience.

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