Easter Bunny Pendant

In order to decorate your house for Easter without special investments, we recommend making symbolic ornaments from improvised materials. For example, such suspension "Easter Bunny" can decorate the front door or houseplants. Work on the craft is simple, takes about 1 hour and the result is very bright and colorful.
 Suspension Easter Bunny
For the manufacture of the suspension we find: - 1/2 m narrow ribbons - a needle with a spool of thread under the color of a ribbon - a plastic bottle - a black and white picture with a rabbit image - paints or felt-tip pens - glue - scissors.
Suspension Easter rabbit
First a couple of words about the picture. We found on the Internet a black and white image of a rabbit with an Easter egg, decided to print it and decorate it. The number of markers in the package is not pleased with the abundance. I had to be content with only six basic colors.Unfortunately, there was no gray felt-tip pen in the collection. It is for this reason that the rabbit turned out to be blue. Then we cut out a colorful picture, giving the shape of an egg to a paper base. By the way, it’s good if there are old children's magazines or elaborate houses in the house. Then the procedure for finding a picture on the Internet can be omitted, and immediately cut out the desired color image in the form of an egg. Pendant Easter Bunny
Now to tighten the suspension, we'll make a plastic frame for her. First we cut two pieces of plastic from the bottle, then apply the paper blanks to them, and gently pushing the scissors along the contour, cut out the plastic eggs. It remains to grease the edges of the four parts with glue and put them together. That the work is not deformed (on the edges of the paper there is no pronounced waviness), we will crush the egg with a massive book and leave it for a couple of hours.  Pendant Easter Bunny
 Pendant Easter Bunny While the glue dries, let's take a ribbon: we will form a flower and an eyelet out of it.We determine the length of the petals, focusing on the size of the pendant itself. It remains to glue the ribbon to the top of the egg. You can do this in many ways. We evenly distributed the flower petals on both sides of the pendant. However, it is believed that the work would have looked no less beautiful if a smaller flower were placed between the bunny's ears.
 Suspension Easter Bunny
Give the craftwork time to dry, and hang the decoration in a pre-allocated location.
 Easter Bunny pendant
 Easter Bunny pendant
I probably will use an adhesive tape to attach an egg to the door of a kitchen display case.

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