Easter chickens from magazine tubes

chicken from the magazine tubes
To weave a dish in the form of an Easter chicken you will need: • magazine tubes - 66 pieces; • • newspaper tubes - 11 pieces • PVA glue; • glue; • • scissors; • • clothes pegs. To create an oval bottom, 16 red coffee tubes are selected. The sticks are laid out in pairs, then a rectangular lattice is woven from them. The working tubule entering into the process is bent in half and braided around the lattice by simple weaving. The bottom is made in four dense rows. Paired rods of the lattice are divorced to the sides and woven separately, gradually the red rectangle turns into an oval. On both sides of the bottom two pairs are left for the head and tail, they are woven together until the end of the weaving.
 chicken from journal tubes
 chicken from magazine tubes
 chicken from journal tubes
 chicken from the journal pipes
 chicken from journal tubes

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