Egg of Thread

Holidays are always nice and fun. Recently it has become particularly popular to decorate the interior thematically, which further adjusts to the holiday atmosphere. One of the main Easter elements is the egg, which can also be used in the design. So, for example, you can make a “mock-up” of an egg from threads. To work we need:
  • Basis - plastic packaging of children's sweets in the shape of an egg. It's easy to work with, since it is divided into two parts and does not require additional processing to easily detach the product from the thread.
  • Threads. You can take any thread, but remember: the thinner the thread - the longer and more laborious the work.
  • PVA glue. When dry, this glue is easy to separate from the mold.
  • Paintbrush. Allows you to more accurately work out the details and less foul your fingers.
  • A container for glue. Not a must-have item, just to simplify working with glue.
  • Scissors.
To begin with, we glue one end of a small rope to one of ourbase halves.
glue the thread
Then we brush the base circumference with glue for the first row of the thread and carefully lay it out.
Turning to the second row, you can make a small “approach” to the beginning of the thread, so that you get a solid circle. When forming each subsequent row, we grease not only the base, but also the underlying thread. Strongly pull the thread is not necessary so that the rows are not separated from each other.
 smear with glue
 smear with glue
Laying the thread on the" top "of the form , if necessary, you can adjust the shape of the rows.
 begin to wind an egg
Cut the thread, leaving a small segment, which Then we lay it in to complete the form.
 start wrapping the egg
 we begin to wind an egg
The second end of the rope,for which the hand-made article will be suspended, by a known method, we attach it to the second half of the plastic egg shape.
 make two halves
Similarly, we paste over this form.
do two halves
After waiting for the glue to dry (6-12 hours - depending on how much glue you used), carefully separate the product from the form.
neatly peel off
neatly peel off
From the glue, the edges of the joints turn out to be flat, grease them with glue and connect the two halves of a wool egg.

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