Electric Burner

Electric Burner A small red-hot spiral, powered by an electric current, turns into a kind of pencil in hands that are burned in a tree with various images. This is an electric burner. For its manufacture, you will need: a transformer, reducing the voltage from 220 V to 2-4 V, 1.5-2 m of a stranded wire (electric cord), an insulating tape, a nichrome wire 0.5 - 0.8 mm in diameter, 60-80 mm long , a wooden blank with a diameter of 30 mm or a section of textolite or plywood 7-9 mm thick, screws and nuts MZ, small screws, strips of brass 1 mm thick, twine. We offer readers two options for electric ignition, each characterized by simplicity, reliability and safety in operation. First Design. From a wooden block 30X30 mm turn a lathe on the lathe or use a tool that is ready from any tool. On the central axis of the handle, drill a hole 7-10 mm in diameter for the electric cord. Cut out two plate-holders from the brass plate, drill two holes of 3 mm in diameter in them and bend at right angles.After giving them the shape shown in the drawing, attach them with small screws to the end of the handle and move the bare ends of the electric cord under the heads, passing it through the hole. On the opposite side of the holders, install clamps for nichrome wire - two screws MZ with washers and nuts. Bend the ends of the heater into rings with a diameter of about 3 mm and clamp between the plates and washers. Second design.Make a pen from PCB or plywood with a thickness of 7-9 mm, drill four holes with a diameter of 3 mm and fix the plates holders made of brass. Connect the power cord to the extreme pair of screw holders, run it along the handle, wrap it in several layers with insulating tape, and then over it with a string. Connect the burner to the step-down winding of the transformer (2 V first). The bow of the sharp bend of nichrome wire should heat up to a slightly reddish color. If its glow is too bright, the heater will quickly blow. To prevent this from happening, the length of the heating element varies from 60 to 80 mm and the value of the applied voltage.

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