Pillow with embroidery "Forestanimals" for children

Pillow with embroidery "Forest Animals" for children- this scene from the life of forest inhabitants will be a wonderful decoration for the pillow in the children's bedroom.

Materials and tools:

  1. floss thread according to the key;
  2. white fabric 35x35cm;
  3. green fabric with polka dots, flap 25x25cm, strip 5x100cm;
  4. thick cord for 1 meter cant;
  5. filler.


Step 1

For the manufacture of edging cord you need a strip of fabric 5x100 cm. Cut the fabric diagonally relative to the fibers of the fabric. Sew a few shorter lengths if necessary. Wrap a thick cord in this strip and pin it.

Insert the zipper foot into the sewing machine. Sew the edges of the edging cord. Dig out 25x25 cm square from embroidery. Attach a piping cord with pins to the front of the embroidery.Cut the fabric in the corners to make the edging smoother.

Remove a square of 25x25 cm from the fabric for the backdrop. Place this part on the front of the cushions and secure with pins. By car, stitch as close as possible to Kant. Remember to leave a reversing hole. Turn it out, put the filler in and sew up the hole with a secret seam.

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