Everything about choosing a double wardrobe

How to choose the desired size of the product

Before you buy a double-wing wardrobe, it is important to consider a number of individual features, which will be discussed below.

Experts advise to measure the space of the room where the product will be installed. Particular attention should be paid to three points:

  • The central part
  • Right side
  • Left side

After the necessary measurements have been taken, you need to understand whether the dimensions of the room correspond to the purchased product. If there are any deviations, you need to determine exactly what is wrong by leaning the level to the floor and ceiling planes. Essential inconsistencies in the size of the central part and edges can be eliminated using a special panel that will help visually add the missing centimeters to the ceiling.

An important nuance - before measuring the width of the walls you need to determine the amount of vertical flatness of the wall and determine whether there are shortcomings on the ceiling or floor.If there are deviations from the norm, they can easily be eliminated with a special device.

In an apartment with high ceilings, it will be ideal to buy a wardrobe with a mirror and mezzanines. To make the gap between the main product and the mezzanine become invisible, a special visor can be removed to hide this minor flaw. For this purpose, it is advisable to use a system of aluminum - it costs a little more, but its design is slightly stiffer.

Key Benefits

Those who want to buy for themselves small-sized, but roomy furniture for storing clothes, fit a single-door wardrobe with a mirror. Large selection of models will allow you to choose your product and be satisfied with the purchase.

The modern furniture industry offers a wide range of cabinet furniture. For example, the standard sizes of wardrobes have a width of from 60 to 180 centimeters - it all depends on the size of the room. The sliding system of such a product can be made of steel or aluminum, and the dimensions will depend on it.

Customers who prefer narrow cabinets can take the opportunity to insert into it a folding system for trempels or pivoting.If the product is very deep, then it is possible to insert special retractable systems in order to reach even the hidden corners.

Cabinets can have any shape. Among them:

  • Rectangular
  • Triangular
  • Trapezoid
  • Radial (for the most demanding customers)

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