Extending youth

Specialists "ImageLab" every visitors will prolong youth! Cosmetologists will improve the complexion, blood circulation in the tissues, metabolism. To stop skin aging, often carry out the procedure of mesotherapy! With the help of the finest needles, therapeutic preparations or cocktails containing vitamins, microelements, amino acids and other useful substances are introduced into the dermis.

Benefits of Mesotherapy

A beautician selects a cocktail for each patient, based on the characteristics of the skin. Problem areas are identified on the face, neck or abdomen. Nutrients will be carefully introduced into them. With the help of the procedure, the mesotherapy effectively returns the skin's natural color and beauty, eliminating the second chin, wrinkles, cellulite, scars, age spots, stretch marks, acne. The course of rejuvenation is 7-10 sessions. The procedure is performed every 6-10 days.

Traces of injections, swelling or redness disappear after a few hours. It is interesting that the trauma, which is caused by the needle, leads to activation of the recovery processes and rejuvenation.The results of mesotherapy are visible after several procedures.

Mesotherapy has many advantages! Cosmetologists to the main advantages include:

  • therapeutic effect;

  • shallow introduction of cocktails or preparations;

  • instant result;

  • a great combination with various cosmetic procedures;

  • saving the result for a long time;

  • the introduction of useful substances into the dermis in small doses - the load on the body is reduced.

Due to its many advantages, mesotherapy is considered the safest and most popular method of correcting age and aesthetic problems of the skin of the body, head and face!

Features of face contouring

Contour plastics will help to prolong youth, due to which wrinkles and folds are eliminated above the lip, under the eyes, on the forehead, tissues are saturated with water, the skin becomes elastic. Indications for a qualitative procedure:

  • expressionless contours of lips, cheekbones;

  • tired, dehydrated, loose skin;

  • folds, wrinkles;

  • different age changes.

For many women, face contour correction is ideal. Main contraindications:

  • Diabetes mellitus;

  • lactation period;

  • oncological, cardiovascular, infectious diseases;

  • Allergy to sodium hyaluronate;

  • pregnancy.

With the help of injections containing hyaluronic acid, the lips are also enlarged, their shape is adjusted, and the contour is indicated. Lips are becoming more attractive and seductive.

Only proven and high-quality certified products are used for work! Our doctors make the procedure as comfortable and painless as possible. The beautician determines the areas of the face where the drug is to be administered so that the result is as natural and expressive as possible.

After contouring the skin becomes elastic, various imperfections disappear, folds and wrinkles are smoothed. The face looks beautiful and healthy!

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