Facial Skin Rejuvenation

Probably every woman wants to be beautiful and young. But bad ecology, stress, lack of sleep badly affect the condition of the skin of our face. It becomes dry and rough, wrinkles appear.

Everyone knows that global changes in the structure of the epidermis begin to occur closer to 30 years. But sometimes even young girls may have wrinkles. This is associated with a decrease in the production of collagen, which is responsible for the skin's elasticity.

Self Anti-Aging

With the first signs of skin aging, you can effectively fight at home. Apply various masks, make lotions from herbal infusions, wipe the skin with ice cubes. All of these procedures are sure to benefit.

It is also advisable to contact your beautician and use it to choose the right cream for you. It will be better if it will be two creams: night and day.

If you notice that wrinkles are bigger, and the skin has become dry and lost elasticity, then in this case, the most effective will be the help of professionals.

Cosmetologist’s Help

In modern cosmetology, there are different procedures for the return of youth. For example, photo rejuvenation sessions. Therapy is to treat the skin with a laser. In this case, the skin is not injured, and the laser effect extends only to the middle layer of the skin, which consists of connective tissue. Several sessions of laser therapy can significantly reduce deep wrinkles.

Very good effect from ozone therapy procedures. The therapeutic effect occurs due to parenteral administration of ozone and oxygen under the skin. From this in the body runs a number of biochemical processes that directly affect the condition of the skin.

Injection procedures

At present, various clinics offer mesotherapy sessions for their visitors. We learned about this popular method of returning lost health and beauty in more detail from a specialist at the Ovum cosmetology center. You yourself can on the website vk-ovum.ru ask a question to the beautician.

The procedure of mesotherapy is the impact of drugs directly on the problem area by intradermal administration.

Proper Nutrition

If you always want to be young and beautiful, then you definitely need to monitor your diet. There are more vegetables, fruits and herbs. They contain many useful substances. Namely, vitamins and antioxidants. Just as they are responsible for the beauty and youthfulness of the skin. You can also buy a ready-made complex of antioxidants at the pharmacy. And take with food.

There are many opportunities to return youth to their skin. Choose one and always stay beautiful!

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