Fashionable illustration and textured architecture in the drawings of Samek Al Blouvi

New street, new home - new dress! What if this was really possible? This is what the famous illustrator from Jordan came up with. He is equally interested in fashion and architecture and he has an idea how to combine incompatible things in his works! Before choosing a place, Al-Blouvi thinks about the subject he portrays. “I start by studying the position of the model, and then, having thrown a suitable model, I add a clothing design that takes into account the details that I could cut,” explains Al-Bluwi.

As soon as he creates the design for the dress and cuts out the empty space, he is looking for the right setting to liven up the clothes pattern .. This is what Shamek Al-Bluvey himself says about his work: “The busy background or chaotic landscape is against a simple sketch. In fact, my eyes are always watching my surroundings, and I try to notice interesting textures to add to my sketches.I have a lot of fun when I travel, because I can take sketches while exploring new cities. ”

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