Felt Christmas Tree

Christmas toys, made with their own hands always raise your spirits and create a fairy tale atmosphere. Felt pendants are an interesting and not complicated hand-made article. There are a lot of variants of such a product, they are limited only by the imagination of their creator. Today we will learn how to make Christmas tree pendants. For the manufacture of pendants we will need the following materials: thin green felt, thick brown felt, narrow satin ribbon, threads, buttons of different colors and sizes, scissors, needles.
Christmas tree made of felt
1. Take green felt and cut out from it two identical triangles about 10 cm high. 2. Cut a rectangle of 2 by 3 cm from brown felt.
 felt Christmas tree
3. We have buttons for felt triangles.
 felt Christmas tree
4. Let us sew together the triangles together with a “forward needle” seam; when stitching at the bottom, we place a rectangle of brown felt between the parts and sew it together.
 felt Christmas tree
5 .At the top, leave a small hole and insert a ribbon into it. Punch the Christmas tree to the end.
 felt Christmas tree
6. Suspension is ready.
 felt Christmas tree
 felt Christmas tree

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