Floor covering for the kitchen

1. Linoleum

Linoleum is often used for the kitchen, because it fits even in the most modest budget, while quite moisture and durability. It should also be noted a large variety of colors of linoleum, among which it is easy to choose the right one for almost every taste.

It should also be noted such an important advantage of linoleum, as the ease of cleaning, which is important for this room.

2. Tree

Wood flooring is a real classic. However, the wooden floor in the kitchen must be varnished, painted or otherwise protected cover. Otherwise, the floor will quickly lose its appearance due to the high hygroscopicity of most wood species. It will also be difficult to wash stains of coffee, wine, etc. from a wooden surface.

3 Laminate

Laminate flooring is often called the budget alternative to wooden flooring. For the kitchen, you can choose a laminate with high resistance to moisture.

4. Tile

This flooring is a good choice for the kitchen and bathroom. Tiled floors are easy to clean, and the variety of designs of ceramic tiles from modern manufacturers is simply amazing. However, if your house has cold floors, you should order the installation of a heated floor under the tiled floor.

5. Porcelain stoneware

Another material perfectly suitable for finishing the floor in the kitchen. Porcelain stoneware withstands temperature changes well, does not absorb moisture.

6. Cork

Natural cork is a very comfortable material. It is not electrified, pleasant to the touch, looks great, easy to assemble. However, for the kitchen it is necessary to choose cork coating treated with a special varnish.

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