Flowers from paper on March 8

Very spring picturesque flowers, which we can do with a glossy magazine! Probably, every parent, engaging in creative work with the child, hopes that as a result of this process not only another masterpiece made by children's hands will be born, but the child will also get some new skills, knowledge, will develop another part of its unexplored until the end of nature ...

Therefore, when it comes to even making crafts for your mother with your own hands and to please this irreplaceable person, you can apply an unusual technique of work, thereby giving your child a new experience.

 Flowers from paper on March 8

Paper flowers on March 8

 Flowers from paper on March 8 1

Flowers from paper on March 8 1

For example, you can create unusual, in its own way unique paper flowers - on March 8, with your own hands made bouquets and postcards depicting these unique creations of nature will be as relevant as possible .

What is needed:

  • with ranitsa glossy magazine or catalog,
  • album sheet or a sheet of white cardboard;
  • newspaper or paper with notes for scrapbooking;
  • watercolor and brush;
  • colored paper;
  • ruler;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • glue;
  • buttons or beads.

Getting started.

We divide the magazine page into thin strips (approximately a centimeter wide). At the same time we teach the child how to do it: we put dots on one side of the sheet at the right distance from each other and then on the other side, opposite the previously set ones. We connect on a line. This seemingly simple task for the baby will be quite difficult and useful. If the crumb is very small, we do it for it.

Cut the page into strips.

Strips from a glossy magazine with green grass

Strips from a glossy magazine with green grass

Paste them onto the album sheet at approximately equal distance from each other.

Pasted strips on a sheet of paper

Pasted on glosses on a piece of paper

From the newspaper we cut out the outline of a flower of different sizes. Glue the biggest flower, color it.When dry - sticking a smaller flower. You can speed up this process by first dyeing in different colors and drying the newspaper, and then cutting flowers out of different parts of it.

They painted the newspaper and cut out flowers from itColor the newspaper and cut out flowers from it

Draw a wavy strip on colored paper, cut it out, glue it like a small stalk.

We glue strips-banter Stretch

Glue strips of small stalks

We use a beautiful button or bead as the core.

 Glue the bead

Glue the bead

The original panel is ready!

And in the process of work the child showed imagination, learned to draw straight lines, measure a given measure by line, to work with scissors and glue neatly - these skills will certainly be useful to him in the future.

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