Foam cactus - needle bed

We present to your attention a cactus that will become a loyal assistant of the needlewoman, as well as an excellent decoration of the interior or the workplace of the skilled worker. com / images / 15/2365-kaktus-iz-penoplasta.jpg "alt =" Polystyrene cactus "title =" Polystyrene cactus ">
And most importantly, this indoor plant will not only always be evergreen and beautiful, but does not even require from you much effort in its creation. Usually, to get a chic result, you first need to work hard. Yes, but not in this case. Put the knitting needles, hook and needles in strontium, as this needle bed is easy to make! So, prepare the following: • a small flower pot for the “planting” of the cactus; • alabaster as a holding base;
• two sticks, skewers with a sharp end (or several toothpicks); • square piece of foam plastic (10x10 cm is enough); • • stationery knife; • green felt or drape; • • yarn “ Grass "and artificial flower for decoration.
 Cactus made of foam
With a sharp knife, cut off the corners of the foam,making a semblance of an oval.
Cactus from polystyrene
 Polystyrene cactus Any small piece can also be used. Therefore, form from a small residue a more or less even oval that will become a cactus process.
 Cactus made of polystyrene
Now split the surface of the cactus into identical cells, outlining them with a ballpoint pen. According to the size and number of cells, create blanks from felt. Please note that they should be embossed with a small indentation from all sides.
 Polystyrene cactus
These green details should cover the cells, forming a solid cactus from individual fragments. To do this, make an incision on all the outlined lines to fill the edges of the fabric blanks inside each of them.
 Polystyrene cactus
Felt is easy to apply and tightly enters the cut.And you can stick it with a nail file, a skewer, a toothpick, a knitting needle, in general, everything that has a pointed shape.
 Polystyrene Cactus
Place the finished cactus on a stick, which without obstacles will penetrate inside.
Cactus from foam
 Foam Cactus
In the same way, process another cactus" baby ", then place it on one of the sides of the main plant.
>img src="" alt="Foam Cactus" title="Foam Cactus">
Polystyrene Cactus
Now fill the pot with diluted alabaster, immerse the cactus in there and let the liquid harden. At this time, prepare the "soil greens" and the flower.
 Polystyrene Cactus
That's how easily and quickly we got a cute blooming cactus with colorful needles. Beauty and benefits in one face!
 Foam cactus
 Polystyrene cactus

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