Frost-resistant roses for wintering without shelter in the northern regions

All gardeners know that in spring and summer the garden is full of bright colors and colors, but with the arrival of cold weather everything changes - snow and dirt appear in the garden, and bright colors gradually change to gray and brown dull colors. However, do not despair. Today we want to tell you aboutfrost-resistant varieties of roses for wintering without shelter.

Types and classification of winter-resistant roses

There are three types of roses that can survive the winter even in the most northern regions:

  • upright wintering roses that require no maintenance and can withstand the harshest winter;
  • roses, wintering in an upright position, which can freeze slightly without additional care;
  • varieties that can freeze in the winter. These roses can not survive the winter in an upright position, so they need to bend and close with snow.

Park roses bred from wild rosehips have the highest frost resistance.For example, Canadian varieties of roses can winter in the northernmost regions at a temperature of 45 degrees below zero.

Popular varieties of hardy roses

The Polar Star (Polstjarnan) is the most popular variety of hardy roses, characterized by a creamy rounded bud, graceful petals and large foliage. This is a majestic, creamy-white rose with a tall glass, which prefers protected from the wind with slightly acidic, loose soil.


Emily (Emelie) is a charming climbing variety, reaching a height of 110 cm and capable of creating an amazingly delicate hedge that will delight you with repeated flowering before the start of the first frost. This variety, given its simplicity, can be safely recommended for landscaping private gardens and garden plots.


Rose gallant (R. Eglanteria) - another hardy variety, which is not afraid of wind and bad weather. This "snegurochka" grows very fast and has an incredible aroma of green apple.

The beauty of the variety "Romance" (Romanze) is not only in large, bright flowers and abundant bloom throughout the season, but also in excellent endurance, which combines resistance to frost, disease and tolerance to rain.Beautiful, well leafy bushes with foliage of dark green color reach a height of 120-150 cm.

Gartentraume with large, fragrant flowers reaches 140 cm in height. For one smell this rose should be planted at home!

Despite its summer name, Midsummer is one of the most cold-resistant varieties. In the stage of dissolution, the inside of the petals in the lower and middle parts of the bud is colored orange-yellow, turning into bright scarlet at the edges.

Such an interesting color, as in the roses Piccolo, is infrequent. And this is an exceptional feature of this variety. Flowers of a monochromatic even color look excellent at all stages of dissolution.

Frost-resistant varieties need less care, but do not forget about them. Like any flower, roses need fertilizing and pruning.

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