Garden Cat Sculpture

To make papier-mache waterproof and lightweight garden sculpture in the form of a cat, you will need newspaper and gray toilet paper, flour paste, wire 5 mm in diameter, masking tape, building plaster, alkyd enamel of different colors, brushes, white spirit, containers for kneading mass, rubber gloves, foam. Let's take three pieces of wire 50 cm long. The first two pieces will be bent in the middle - these will be the legs of a cat. From the rest of the piece, we lift the neck and tail.
Connect all the details together with wire or masking tape. The papier-mâché sculptures are made easy, so they need to be securely fastened in the garden. To do this, you can make a special stand or leave wire pins on the ends of the legs. Let's use the second option. And so that the pins do not interfere in the process of work, we insert the cat's frame into foam plastic.
 wire frame
Wrap the frame with several layers of masking tape.
 layers of masking tape
For the next of the stage we will put newsprint on strips and weld paste.
 klester paper
For paste, take a glass of flour and a liter of water. Pour 200 ml of water into a separate container, and pour the remaining 800 ml into a saucepan and set it on fire. Stir the flour in 200 ml of water until a uniform consistency, then pour the mixture into boiling water. On a slow fire make a thick paste. We glue the frame with five layers of newsprint. Before pasting each strip is coated with paste, and then wound onto the frame. We apply a paste on the previous layer before applying the next layer.
 Pasting the frame
At the ends of the legs, we make roundings from crumpled newspapers. They, too, must be carefully smeared with paste.
 Paste the frame
In addition to newsprint, you can also use office paper, and paste the paste can be replaced with construction PVA. To make a cat's head, we crumple into a newspaper ball, paste it with masking tape,we put on the neck and then paste over the stripes. It is desirable that some strips be placed simultaneously on the cat's head and neck. To form the ears, we glue together three sheets of paper with the help of paste. Until they are dry, we cut a square with a side of 10-15 cm and cut it diagonally - we get two triangles. Stick them to the cat's head, bending the base.
 ear shaping
From the outside, we fix our ears with paper strips. On the reverse side, this is not necessary.
 forming a cat's face
Prepare a lot of papier-mâché. To do this, pour a paste into a separate container and pour toilet paper into it. Leave for a while. After the paper is limped, mix the mixture with your hands or a blender. The result should be a thick homogeneous mass.
 Prepare a mass of papiermash
If you have a rare mass, add more soggy paper, if thick, water or paste >Before applying a papier-mâché to the framework,add some plaster to it - it will take away excess water, the product will dry faster and be more durable. Apply the pulp to the framework with a layer up to 1 cm thick.
 some gypsum
After the product dries, remove the roughness with fine grain sandpaper.
 remove roughness
See Akhnem dust from the cat with a soft brush and proceed to staining. Dissolve green alkyd enamel in white spirit and cover it with the product. The first layer will be primer, the next two - fixing. The last layer is painted with undiluted enamel.
 paint the sultura
After the basic color dries, decorate the cat with yellow, pink, orange and purple patterns. You can also use gouache in your work or acrylic paints. In this case, after applying all the colored elements, the sculpture must be opened with five layers of yacht varnish. After the product is completely dry, we will fix it on the lawn, sticking it into the ground.

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