Gift Packaging Charming Puppy

Gift wrapping A charming puppyis a wonderful gift box for a child's gift with your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. colored cardboard - black, dark and light brown;
  2. double-sided tape;
  3. printer or pencil with a ruler;
  4. scissors;
  5. glue.


Step 1

Print the template on the printer or transfer it with a pencil and ruler to the cardboard:

  • box on dark brown cardboard;
  • parts for wrapping a box of light brown cardboard;
  • muzzle on black, dark and light brown (see figure).

Cut the template and glue the box, then paste it with light brown cardboard parts.

Glue the details of the face and legs.Then we will glue the muzzle and legs to the box with double-sided tape. It is better to use a thick double-sided tape, so the box will look more impressive.

All gift wrappingAdorable puppyis ready. Using the technique of this master class, you can make gift wrapping in the form of other animals.

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