Goat and Goat

I love working with linen rope and paper thread. If you take an ordinary tin can (from under canned fish or condensed milk) and paste it in a spiral with such thread, plus add work with sacking and lace, you can get an excellent vase in vintage style. Still great looks of twine barrel for topiary. Beautiful openwork napkins and coasters under the hot. I did not stop at this all and decided to make a toy of linen thread. It is easily bent, intertwined, quickly glued and looks gorgeous. Since the goat is the symbol of the coming year, I made a couple of obstinate goats. And I am taking this master class for your assessment. For crafts, you will need the following material: - linen rope, paper thread; - scissors and stationery knife; - PVA glue;is a piece of cardboard or a book (notepad); - fabric cuts.
 you will need
First you need to take a piece of thick cardboard or any other base (notebook , a book, a box of candy). The height of the cardboard will determine the value of the craft.On this basis we will wind a linen thread. You need to make about 20 turns around the carton.
 winding the thread
Now take a stationery knife and carefully cut off the bottom edge, and with the second hand hold the threads on top so that they do not break up. From above (in the middle), the segments should be tied with a thread.
 cut the bottom edge
 segments should be tied with a thread
Now proceeds to the manufacture of the second workpiece. Again, we take the cardboard base, wind 20 turns, cut off the bottom and tie in the middle.
 We take the cardboard back again
To make goats and horns for goats, for work a paper thread. Cut off three threads 25 cm long and weave a tight pigtail of them with two knots at the ends. We bind the workpiece in the form of a bow, only "upside down." Long horns and oval ears are obtained.
 make horns and ears
 Funny toys goat andgoat
We put this inverted bow to the middle of the blank of twine. Even at this stage, you need to make a snout. To do this, we form a skein of flax rope, only 5 3.5 cm long coils. Attach it near the horns and form the head of the animal. Just tied with a thread.
 Funny toys goat and goat

Next, separate the right and left of the three threads and weave braids - then there will be “handles” of goats. You just have to make sure that they are in length, which is proportional to the whole size of the toy. Another thread is to tie up the waist.

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