Goat Martha

Such a goat would love to play a child, and adults will admire and admire the hand-made article. In order to make this toy, we need:
  • wool for felting gray, white, dark gray, a little pink flowers (if there are no such colors, you can replace it with a suitable shade for these parts). Also for cabbage need green wool, but it is not necessary, you can not do it;
  • sentipon;
  • felting needles No. 38, 40;
  • ready-made eyes (you can replace any of the others with your own taste, and if there is no place to buy, you can knit it out of wool, it will also look great).
 we need
Let's start making the head. To do this, we form a head out of a centipon and use needle No. 38 to dump it, giving it shape.
Let's start making the head
Then, when the head becomes dense, we wrap it with white wool and continue to roll until the head becomes dense.At the same time, it is necessary to watch that the centipon does not shine through and if necessary add white wool.
we wrap white wool
The head is ready. Now do the bottom lip. Take a thin layer of white wool and roll.
 thin layer of white wool
On the muzzle with a pink coat make a spout and attach lip. We get such a muzzle.
do spout
 goat's face
 muzzle of a goat
Now do the trunk. From the centipon, form the desired shape and use needle No. 38 to medium density.
wrap this item
Then wrap it around the white wool well.
Start rolling
We start to felting with the needle number 38 and as the seal we change the needle to the number 40. It turns out this torso.
Getting to the ears
Getting to the ears.Take two identical pieces of white wool
 we start to roll ears
With a needle No. 38 we start to roll ears. TIP: All paired parts should be done in parallel, t. e. at the same time, in order to avoid discrepancies in size and density, this applies to both handles and legs.
 main part
Now that the main part of the ears is ready, in the middle we make a shade of pink color and get such ears.
give them the right shape
Then give them the desired shape.
give them the desired shape
We put gray wool on the head and on the back of the ears and lightly fill it. We receive here such detail as on a photo.
We put it on our head
We make pens and legs, these details are almost the same. We take gray wool and form pens and we start to roll. After the details become sufficiently dense, we attach hooves to them, which we make separately from the dark gray wool.
Making pens and legs
 We make pens and legs
The legs do the same only more curved shape.
Making pens and legs
 We make pens and legs
We start to play the horns. The principle is the same: first, we give shape (I started with gray wool to save, since I didn’t have much dark). But if you have enough dark gray wool, make all the details of it.
do horns
 make the horns
Then we give the horns a more curved shape.
do horns
Now we attach the arms and legs to the body with the help of the needle number 38. After that, we put gray wool on the back. It turns out gray legs, handles and back, and the tummy is white.
 fasten the arms and legs
Attach the horns to the head.
attach horns
We fix the head well on the body. All this is fastened with the help of a needle 38 and 40.  Goat Marta Glue your eyes.
Goat Martha
Everything the goat is ready.

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