Golden Pine Garland

Making a great Christmas decoration -A garland of golden cones. Garland can be hung on the Christmas tree or decorate the room.

Materials and tools:

  1. pine cones;
  2. bundle, twine;
  3. a sheet of thin gold foil - gold leaf;
  4. glue for gold leaf (buy the same place where we buy gold leaf);
  5. hooks;
  6. pliers;
  7. foam brush;
  8. spray paint in gold color;
  9. spray sealant.

Step 1

Clearing the bumps from dirt. Using a foam brush, apply glue to the bump. We leave a cone to glue dried up. Glue  whenapplied  liquid but when dried it becomes sticky, so be sure to read the instructions for the glue.

Glue applied to all bumps.

Step 2

When the glue is dry, proceed to the application of gold leaf.

Take a leaf of gold leaf and wrap it around a lump. Gold is smoothed with a clean foam brush, it will stick and smooth out.Flaked gold flakes can be reused.

This way we cover all the bumps with gold leaf.

When all the cones are ready, cover the surface of the cones with a spray sealant and leave to dry.

Step 3

We paint hooks with gold paint and leave to dry. After the paint dries, using pliers, we hook the hooks into a lump.

Step 4

Take the sword. Stringing the cone on the twine and to secure we tie a knot around the hook ring.

Next, we string all the remaining cones and tie knots, the spacing between the cones is 10-15 cm.

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