Greenhouse with homemade frame

After I saw the various prefabricated greenhouses purchased in different outlets, I had a strong opinion about the fragility of these structures. Especially amused the installation of galvanized thin plates with screws from practically the children's designer. My personal plot is located on a hill, in fact there are no trees, open space, so the wind is very strong and unequivocally “factory” the prefabricated structure of the greenhouse will not withstand its gusts. Later, when installing in windy weather, I was convinced of the correctness of my assumption, the almost fixed sheet of polycarbonate, because of its windiness, came off like a feather and threw back a 50-kilogram ladder. The task, moreover, was to obtain a greenhouse with a width of 3 meters, a length of 8 meters, with the ability to move freely in it to a person of average height, i.e. up to 1.8 meters. Therefore, I decided to make a greenhouse of polycarbonate with a frame from a metal profile of my own design. Skeleton outlined mainly from a light metal pipe and corner. The design of the "roof" made the ridge type, the usual double-sided, tested in reliability. The height of the skate will vary depending on the weather conditions in your area, I chose a ramp angle of 45 degrees so that the snow in the winter time would slide easily. When installing the rafters reinforced cross beam, connecting a triangle.
 Greenhouse with self-made skeleton
Greenhouse with homemade skeleton
Standard polycarbonate sheets have the following dimensions: thickness 4 mm, width 2.1, length 6 meters. I draw attention to the quality of polycarbonate, I used the Russian manufacturer Sunnex, let's say it is of medium quality, there is a more durable and dense material, it is noticeable in deflection, structure and weight, and ultraviolet bandwidth. The choice is yours, but you should not save it, in order to avoid its breakthrough when loaded from snow or from the wind.  Greenhouse with homemade skeleton Traditionally, started with laying a small foundation,as in my case, it was necessary to fix the greenhouse thoroughly, and also to avoid distortions. I applied thin foundation blocks and reinforced concrete sleepers. In the "regular" holes of the sleepers laid the bolts for powerful mounting frame around the perimeter of the greenhouse. When mounting the entire structure of the frame with welded parts, these fastenings served fixing service for further installation of the upper lattice (however, assistants to support the frame were needed at the moment). Caracas made 20 * 40 mm of metal profile with grid up to 1 meter, otherwise polycarbonate may fail in winter from icy snow. Bottom ends made from a corner of 35 * 35 mm in order for the door to close at the seam.
 Greenhouse with a home-made frame
Not unimportant moment, we design the frame so that it is most economical to cut polycarbonate, namely, the side walls are made 1.05 meters high, taking into account cutting the sheet in half lengthwise. Rafters 2.1 meters long to secure two sheets to the roof and an additional one sheet to be cut into pieces of 2 meters. Greenhouse with a homemade frame In addition to the door, I provided two windows in the greenhouse for ventilation, on the leeward side at the end and on the side of the structure, welded from a light profile 20 * 20 mm. Installed the windows on the piano hinges, they are quite thin and do not interfere with the polycarbonate to fit snugly to the frame.
Greenhouse with a homemade frame
All the joints and holes in the polycarbonate were silicone, and from the bottom of the gap with foam. The frame in the field of welding polished, painted with anti-corrosion composition and paint. Material for the construction of the greenhouse: - polycarbonate 2.1 * 6 m. - 5 sheets; - metal-profile pipe 20 * 40 mm - 120 meters;
- metal profile pipe 20 * 20 mm - 18 meters; - self-tapping screws with a press washer and a drill - 1000 pieces; - foundation blocks (sleepers) with a total length of 22 meters; - sand for laying the foundation;- fasteners and bolts for the frame; - anti-corrosion paint; - door and piano hinge hinges; - welding electrodes 3 kg.
 Greenhouse with homemade frame
Advantages of greenhouse : duo-pitch rugged construction; rigid fasteningframe; required geometrical dimensions; Ease of use; possibility of economical cutting of material; few joints. Disadvantages: the junction of the roof and side frame truss turned out, as if reinforced by two profiles, which is not economically profitable.

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