Hairpin "Bloomed Poppies"

The poppy flower has its own peculiarity and dissimilarity to the others, but this is what attracts it. Therefore, the imitation of the blossoming poppy is often used in various decorations and designer paintings. Needlewomen use the image of this flower to create pins, the bright red color of these buds is especially fascinating against the background of dark hair.
 Poppy Flower
I need to create such a charming hairpin : - barrette. - tweezers with thin long edges. - red ribbon 5 cm wide. - scissors. - leaves of fomiaran. - glue gun.- big beads in the form of a crystal. - a lighter. Creating an ornament. For I need to start making petals for flowers, and for this I cut squares with sides of 5x5 cm out of a red ribbon. I only need 24 of them for this hairpin. Each flower will have 12 petals.
 Creating a decoration
Next to all the squares, you need to trim the two upper corners,rounding them.
make petals
Now I gently singe the rounded edge of the future petal, and every 1 cm I gently stretch the cut to make a wave. Thus, all sides of the part, except the bottom slice, should be processed.
 singing rounded
Now I am starting to process the lower slice. Turning the part face down, in the middle of the not processed lobe of the petal, I make an opposite fold.
 start processing the lower cut
Now I fix made pleat, singing the fabric and soldering the joints together. This fold will make the petal voluminous, giving the desired shape. After this item, I straighten and straighten the fold. The result is such a beautiful petal.
 fix the fold made
In the same sequence I need to make the rest of the petal for the hairpin. After creating them, you can proceed to the assembly of flowers.Each bud will require 12 petals. A large crystal-shaped bead will be used as the middle of the flower. I glued the petals gradually along the entire circumference to such a bead, pressing it tightly to the base. As a result, I got two beautiful buds.
 you can start assembling flowers
Now, putting glue on the side of the bud, I glue them together. I attach leaflets to the base of colors.
 Poppy Flower
After that, it remains for me to fasten a hairpin to the base of flowers.
 I attach leaflets to the base of flowers
This creation of the hairpin is over, it is ready!

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