Handmade lamb soap

Very soon, such a wonderful and magical holiday like the new Year will come to us. This holiday is associated with magic for every person, as there are many pleasant and vivid events and wonders on it. Everyone tries to spend the old and celebrate the New Year with his family in a warm home environment, with a beautifully decorated house and a decorated Christmas tree, with various goodies on the New Year's table, and most importantly with presents that everyone is looking for under the Christmas tree. In 2015 we will have the Year of the Sheep, so, by the way, there will be souvenirs and gifts on which this animal is present. Let it be some little thing, maybe a notebook, a magnet, a figure, but the most important thing is to have attention, this is the most important thing nowadays. Such a gift as handmade soap, which will be depicted this particular animal, will be very useful. Just get to the very point and give the right item of hygiene. And this master class will help us to make such a soap with a sheep,in which we get two handmade soaps with lovely lambs. We will need to take it for him: White soap base, 140 grams • Transparent basis for soap 60 grams; • Two water-soluble pictures with lambs. • Silicone rosette, and the second form with a snowflake. • Strawberry flavor • Stearic acid for increasing foam. Red dye in a liquid form; • Blue dry glitter; • Glass cup; • Transparent film and bios for packaging; • Scissors and stirring stick; • Alcohol.
Soap with sheep
 will need to take
Any handmade soap in which there is a picture will consist of at least three layers . In our case, there will be three of them. Making the bottom layer. Cut the transparent base into pieces and place it in a glass. We put the glass on a small power, not more than 300 W in the microwave for 1.5-2 minutes. Attention, if there is no power adjustment mode, then a water bath can be used. Melted and poured equally into each mold. The thickness of the layer is about 2-3 mm.We are waiting for the hardening of 15 minutes. For now, take the pictures and cut out the two sizes we need.
 form for soap
 pictures of a sheep
Put color pictures side down and splash in a couple drops of alcohol to make the picture fit. Cut off about 60 grams of white base, cut it and put it in a cup. We also melt it for about 1.5 minutes at the same power. We add a little bit of it, a pinch of stearin and two drops of strawberry flavor. We pour in both forms, close the pictures and also wait 15-20 minutes.
 Pour into both forms
 Give the soap an hour to infuse
The third layer is already final. We make it from the remaining white base, melt it, then divide it into two containers: add red dye, stearin and fragrance into one, mix and fill one form, and pour blue glitter, fragrance and stearin into the second container. All mix well and fill the second form. We give soap an hour to brew and finally harden.We take it out of the form, we wrap it together with tags in a film.
 add the red dye
 fill in
Done! It turns out soap with nice little lambs.

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