Hank Moody Bracelet

Probably every person who watches TV shows or just films also experiences their feelings and even partly life, but most of all the heroes who love heroes of the audience, pleasantly amaze with correctly selected accessories of clothes, whether it's earrings, a ring or a bracelet. Surely many who read this article adore the series "Prudish California" and its main character - Hank Moody, played by David Duchovny. And if you know this series, then you could not help paying attention to the hero's bracelet, and for a long time were looking for yourself the same. Now this problem has been solved, moreover, there is no need to spend huge money for shipments from other countries for the bracelet. You can make it yourself, with your own hands. For this, in order to realize your old dream into reality you will need the following tools and materials for work: - scissors - threads with a needle (for the color of the bracelet) - leather cord - 2 meters - glue or lacquer gel matches or a lighter - two clamps. Cut off 50 cm from our leather cord and tail it in half.
 Cut off the leather cord
We fix leather on both sides cord clamps, hooking on a notebook or board.
 pull the cord
Take the remaining The leather cord is sewn and the end of it is sewn from the side of the formed loop at the back in one part of the cord, as shown in the photo below.
 we begin to weave
Now we transfer this cord forward and turn it over between two parallel lines, so to speak, the basics of the bracelet. Be sure, this "coup" of the cord must be between these two base lines!
 Hank Moody Bracelet
Do the same procedure on the other side.
Bracelet Hank Moody
Plait and alternate. This is what comes out here.
 Hank Moody Bracelet
Do not forget to make sure that the sides are even, not twisted. When you are already braided enough for your wrist, then, first of all, we sew the base-cord with the one that braided it. Then, cut off the unnecessary part of the cord and fix it, as with the first glue or gel varnish. When the varnish or glue dries, gently set fire to it.
Hank Moody Bracelet
 Hank Moody Bracelet
Hank Moody's Bracelet

Tie knots at the two ends of the base cord.

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