Heart-to-heart talk: interview with singer and model Katya Kolisnichenko

Many remember the twins Katya and Julia Kolisnichenko for the project "Dom-2". However, the girls left the show five years ago. Since then, Julia has become an exemplary wife and mother (at the moment she is pregnant with a third child). Katya chose a different path: she works as a singer and model, actively leads a personal blog and is not afraid of experimenting with her own appearance. Recently Kate starred in the popular project of the Friday channel “Instagrammashchitsy”. In an interview with SUNMAG, she honestly told about a surgeon who ruined her nose, about eternal comparisons with her sister and a pause in relations with her husband.

Katya, you have almost half a million Instagram followers. And our people, as you know, love to wash the bones ... How do you react to negative comments?

I will not hide, at some time there was a lot of negativity. Perhaps this happened after the program was released on the federal channel, where the topic of our conflict with my sister was discussed.Constantly compared with Julia, that she, they say, is beautiful, and I'm terrible that I have no children ... But it does not hurt. Mucks I read rather seldom, as there is no time, but if this happens, I answer either with a joke or I ignore it. The most inadequate things that were written, were addressed from the young ladies # yazhemat: "Give birth!", "Childless", "Gulen", etc. I think that this is ugly. Each has its own life and fate. Happened, and trance called ... Well, this is too much. I do not pay attention or just troll.

Recently you took part in the Instagram project. What was the most difficult?

Get up to shoot. At nine in the morning was already the motor. It was difficult to give the last test when she met with a rival. It was necessary to fight. Of course, I know a few tricks, but they are cruel. For example, when you take and throw through a person's leg ... Even on the project “Dom-2” Alexey Samsonov, now also a former participant, taught me this. But I was sorry to lash out at that girl, so I restrained myself.

How much time do you spend on Instagram? No wonder they say that this is actually hard work?

True, I spend a lot of time. Carefully process photos and do it with pleasure.If there are commercial orders for video, I can spend about 12 hours on installation. But it does not burden me. It was difficult when an online women's clothing store worked through my blog and I had to handle the customer base myself. The girls wrote almost around the clock: from eight in the morning until three in the morning. It was in my interest to take orders and arrange delivery in Moscow and the regions the next day. It took a lot of time. Female audience is very complicated - wordy, doubting.

You are constantly experimenting with looks ... I know that the last time increased the buttocks. Share your impressions?

I will not be cunning, that all this is free operations for barter. But I carefully choose doctors, I give honest recommendations, in fact, I work with live advertising. People see the result and may not be afraid to consult a doctor. I am very proud of the secondary rhinoplasty done by the surgeon Sergey Morozov. Successful it turned out to lift the upper part of the face with the help of threads. I do not regret that I removed the lumps of Bish and made a chest. I want to emphasize that I was led by the wrong doctor, Hayk Babayan. He badly ruined his nose: his breathing worsened, his nose fell and became wide.I even wrote a post on this topic ... Eight months they lied to me that my nose would fall into place, and I believed and encouraged the girls, who then went to him. And when I realized, I opened the truth. And yes, I recently decided on lipofilling of the buttocks of Dr. Ovchinnikov. But until I can post the result, not everything worked out perfectly ...

You in fact had to collect 10 kgs before operation that fat could distribute in that "soft" place ... In the same and there is an operation essence.

Yes! And it was terribly morally difficult. Felt like a pig. It seemed that when I lay down under the knife, I would wake up with a slender figure with a narrow waist, but no. The next morning was just as fat. Hands, cheeks ... There were a lot of hematomas. The most difficult rehabilitation in my life. I felt very bad. Until now, there have been unevennesses. Not particularly pleased. She asked me to take fat tissue from my hands, but removed from my hips, which was also not very pleasant. It seems that they introduced some kind of low-quality liquid to dissolve the fat. Of course, since then I have lost weight. But there are five extra pounds. My advice: do you want to do ass - do not get better much! Maximum five kilograms. Let all is not so rosy, but honestly. I do not care about my subscribers.

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But you still look great! Share your beauty secrets.

White teeth and beautiful skin. I think that you need to start to follow the face as soon as the first wrinkles appear. And in any case, do not overeat at night! It is better to have a good breakfast, have a good lunch and have a light dinner. If suddenly, before an important event, the face is swollen - well, you never know, take a light dose of diuretic drugs. But do not be zealous.

How do you feel about sports?

I can not always force myself to go to the hall. Especially after operations you need to refrain from sports for some time. In general, in this matter I am lazy. To be honest, I hate squats. I do not like the pool because of bleach, as the skin is initially dry. Sometimes I still go to the gym and work with the coach. But more often I just try to walk more, sometimes I specifically travel by subway with all its crossings and stairs. When the effect of haste is present, I always take off. But if you constantly, like a lazy priest, ride only a taxi, then the weight is in place.

Are you on a diet?

I have everything very simple. I try not to eat bread, flour, sweet, fat.I prefer meat, fish, salads. True, lately, I have become impudent and allow myself cakes, croissants ... But not often. Rather, I dabble. Sometimes I take dietary supplements. But it is important to choose good and proven, otherwise headache and tachycardia are provided. I experienced it myself. Be careful.

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Tell me about the 5 must-have in the wardrobe.

I think that in the closet there should be a lot of clothes of different colors and styles. But it's only about what really suits you. Be sure to buy a cocktail dress, such as red. At least some beautiful shoes. In this case, do not forget about the makeup and hair. It is advisable to get a stylish walking clothes, such as a loose dress with sleeves and buttons. Personally, I love high practical boots. In general, I think that a girl in any outfit should be a flower. For example, just put on a T-shirt on a naked body, without underwear, if the breast allows, or short sexy shorts, but it all depends on your legs. The color range is diverse: white, black, red, blue. And my last secret find: if you suddenly ruined your hair in a barbershop, then wrap a tippet or a so-called turban on your head. Now it is a trend. I advise you to wear this headdress with dresses in the floor.

You left the project “House-2” long ago. But at least sometimes you watch on TV?

Yes, I left in 2013, having lived there for three years. Until now, find out, despite the fact that the appearance has changed. I do not follow the project. Even before coming to the show, she always thought that it was just a “screaming box”. But when the casting was held in our city, my sister and I went there for the sake of interest and eventually passed. Thought, why not? Sometimes I get on new series and I understand that the show has undergone strong changes. It used to be more interesting and not so vulgar. And now almost all the topics are all below the belt ...

With whom of the former participants are you friends?

Well, of course, with the Salibekov family, Julia and Tigran. I communicate with Ella Sukhanova, Kristina Deryabina, Nadya Ermakova, Inna Volovicheva, Tatyana Okhulkova.

You and your sister are similar in appearance, but in character, it turns out that they are different?

Of course! In childhood I was considered a bully, and Julia was a whiner. I was more energetic. Over time, the leadership passed to the sister. She became tougher, quick-tempered. But when she got married, she settled down. And I was what, I stayed like that. Softer, kinder than Julia, but more irresponsible. Well, it can be seen. She is waiting for the third child, I live on a relax, not burdening myself with worries.I don't want to be a mom yet. Someone can blame, but I get high from the current state.

Do you get along with your sister's husband?

Now quite well. Of course, when on the project he and Julia had problems, she hated him. I thought that Tigran was a deceiver, an offender, but, thank God, everything went well. They look in one direction, go hand in hand in life and are waiting for the third son! So there will be three heroes. I am very happy for them.

You're married too, but for some reason you rarely show your spouse ... What is going on with you?

Yes, since 2014 I am married. Children do not want to yet, because there is no home. At the moment, my spouse and I had some small problems, they took a pause.

What qualities in a man are important to you?

Care, the material component. And then how to give birth? In a rented apartment? A man must be worthy, active, efficient. My chosen one is the getter. If something is missing, then you need to try to help him or change to another. That's life. Nobody makes anyone suffer.

Tell me where you can meet in Moscow?

I love beautiful summer terraces. I often walk. I'm in hookahs and movies. But expensive pathos restaurants - not really mine.I prefer to behave freely and dress comfortably.

You and Yulia used to sing in the choir. Did not you think to connect life with the stage?

Yes, we were two and a half years old in the Kuban Cossack choir. Previously, graduated from the music school. I play the flute, sister play the clarinet. Also they were engaged in variety vocal. I still perform solo until now, since Yulia cannot sing with me. They have a duet with Tigran. Personally, I have nine songs in the repertoire, seven of them are copyright. Negotiations are currently under way about the next concert. I will take part in corporations with pleasure. And I dream of touring the south.

Is there any act for which you are still ashamed? What information about myself would be removed from the Internet?

Probably, not. I try to do everything in my mind. Sometimes I get into awkward situations, but these are trifles. I do not even know what would remove ... Although you can send a letter to the appropriate authorities, and all the nasty things from social networks will be removed. But I will not do that.

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