Heparin ointment from traces after acne

Acne or other inflammatory manifestations on the skin at least once in their lives, each faced, and the age here does not play a special role. Unpleasant cosmetic defects in the form of acne of the body or face, which is most annoying, can appear in both a teenager and an adult respectable person.

The phenomenon brings a lot of negative emotions and sensations, not only during the process itself, but also subsequently, often leaving behind bitter memories in the form of marks on the skin. These can be scars, scars, age spots, dilated vessels, lasting a long period of time.

To bring the skin in order, the pharmaceutical industry today produces many drugs that are often not affordable, but most people know that there is a cheap and effective way to relieve the inflammatory process and reduce acne - heparin ointment.

Causes of post-acne

Doctors-dermatologists and cosmetologists have repeatedly noted that self-removal of acne is dangerous not only for the appearance of the skin, but for its health in general, as the consequences can be very different - from inflammation of tissues to infection of blood.

However, the desire to quickly get rid of the defect on the face pushes many to squeeze it out and then masking it with cosmetics, which contributes to the development of pathological microflora at the site of injury. And now, instead of a pimple, there is an abscess with inflammation of the skin, and if he additionally suffers from a natural or artificial ultraviolet, for example, in a solarium, then it begins to darken and leave "memory" for years.

Not only self-extrusion of acne leads to post-acne, but also improper or untimely treatment. In the case when the stain, scar or slight indentation as traces of acne on the skin remain, it is recommended to immediately begin to treat post-acne.

The principle of the drug

In the battle with skin inflammations and their consequences, the heparin ointment is leading, which is applied to the previously disinfected areas of the lesions with a thin layer. How does this drug in relation to skin defects:

  • contributes to the relief of the inflammatory process;
  • helps to heal and smooth the effects of acne.

It is necessary to take into account that the success of therapy depends not only on the tool itself, but also on other important components of the treatment process, such as the type and condition of the skin, the nature of blemishes, the freshness of scars and marks.

It is the recent post-acne cheap pharmaceutical ointment that can effectively remove. Therefore, it is an expensive competition for all items.

On the composition of the drug

Heparin ointment is obliged by its effect to several substances included in its composition. And although official medicine uses the drug for the treatment of completely different diseases, for example, hemorrhoids, as a local remedy with an anesthetic, anti-inflammatory, and restorative for blood microcirculation goal, all these properties are successfully used in the treatment of post-acne. The composition of the drug are:

  1. Heparin is an anticoagulant for inhibiting and even completely stopping blood clotting, which in other forms of this substance is actively used by traditional medicine after surgical therapy.And in the case of the presence of acne and their consequences, it has an antithrombotic effect in order to restore normal blood circulation to the affected areas of the skin. With the flow of blood, bringing immune cells, supplying nutrients, the regeneration process is accelerated.
  2. Anesthesin is a substance for local anesthesia, allowing you to reduce pain during various skin reactions. It is a fat-soluble compound that penetrates deep into skin layers to relieve unpleasant symptoms.
  3. Benzyl nicotinate is another element of the composition that activates the local blood circulation and microcirculation, but in a different way to heparin. This substance is characterized by its ability to act on the expansion of blood vessels to increase the volume of blood carrying immunocompetent cells and nutrients to the tissues. All this allows you to quickly and effectively eliminate scars and spots after acne with the help of physiological regeneration.

Not to mention that due to the above properties, heparin ointment is used by cosmetologists in the fight against wrinkles, bags and bruises under the eyes.Agree, such an inexpensive, successful and multifunctional tool is simply obliged to be in the first-aid kit of every woman.

Elimination of post-acne

Most people who suffer from acne or frequent acne, especially with oily skin, claim that they experienced the greatest anxiety and anxiety from the consequences, and not the skin inflammations themselves, because it would seem that the treatment was over, and the skin remained unattractive, with uneven relief from scars, pigment spots or dilated vessels - couperose.

So, go to the pharmacy for heparin ointment, actively and rapidly restoring local blood circulation with microcirculation to improve the appearance of the skin. To remove post-acne, the following procedure is required:

  1. With the help of cosmetics, in the form of a gel or foam for washing, the skin is cleansed of impurities and cosmetics.
  2. For disinfection, it is rubbed with alcohol.
  3. To open the pores well, the skin is slightly steamed out.
  4. The ointment is applied to the spots with a thin layer twice or thrice a day.
  5. The drug is rubbed exclusively in the lesions, easily and carefully, so as not to injure them.
  6. The course of therapy is on average a week.At this time, the use of decorative cosmetics that inhibit the healing process is prohibited.

Such procedures are effective for fresh post-acne, and the course of therapy may increase when the process is running, but a positive trend is present after a week of daily manipulations.

According to reviews of those who applied the ointment, taking into account all factors, only salon methods such as laser, polishing and other hardware techniques can be more successful in removing stains with acne scars.


Like any drug, heparin ointment has contraindications and side effects that must be considered so as not to harm the body. The drug is contraindicated in the presence of:

  • purulent processes, traumatic violations of the integrity of the skin - wounds with cuts or scratches;
  • low blood clotting;
  • intolerance to the ingredients;
  • allergic reactions characterized by persistent redness, rash and itching;
  • thrombocytopenia;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • menstruation and gynecological problems;
  • hypertension.

An excess of heparin in the body is fraught with unreasonable bruising on the skin, hemorrhages on the mucous membranes, increased gingival bleeding,but a more serious negative from the use of the drug is not revealed.

To conduct a small experiment before using the ointment, you should slightly pinch your arm. The appearance of a bruise or vascular reticulum indicates a low blood clotting, therefore, it is not recommended to use the drug

The effectiveness of the means

The revealed information about heparin ointment indicates the presence of an effect on a complex of all components - the severity and non-neglect of post-acne, individual characteristics of the organism, the absence of contraindications, which does not exclude the need for medical advice.

The fact that the drug is used in the therapy of other diseases, is not claimed by medicine as a cure for acne and their consequences, which can depend on a number of reasons. This is either competition in the cosmetology and dermatology sphere with expensive means, or insufficient testing of the ointment for wide application in the therapy of skin diseases.

If you have all the advantages, before using heparin post acne ointment, everyone should decide for himself which choice to make, because the lack of medical control during home treatment can have irreversible consequences.Being treated not only cheap, but also with the mind, then a positive result is guaranteed.

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