Homemade Noodles

Any mention of delicious food is accompanied by a “homemade” commentary that everyone can understand. The hands create masterpieces of culinary mastery, mouth-watering and unforgettable dishes. A little more time spent in the kitchen, and the pleasure of having dinner will make you forget the long chores. The usual chicken noodle soup changes dramatically if you make your own noodles. And if you increase the amount of ingredients, you can freeze it and use it as needed. You will need the simplest products: egg, flour and salt. 1.From 2 eggs, a pinch of salt and flour, very steep dough is kneaded. It should be steeper than the dumplings, while kneading it will take an effort to get a homogeneous mass.
 Homemade noodles
2.Pesto is covered with a towel and left for 10 minutes on the table.
Home-made noodles Then it rolls into the thinnest circle, the surface of the table should be clearly visible through the dough. 3. With the knife, the rolled dough is cut into strips of width 8 -10centimeters.
Home-made noodles
4. Then scissors are taken, and each strip of dough is shredded into noodles no thicker than a match. Cut the noodles into thin layers on a table, sprinkled with a small amount of flour so as not to stuck together. Left to dry for half an hour, mixed periodically.
 Home-made noodles
If chicken broth is being cooked at this time, the noodles will immediately it falls, and if it is harvested for future use, then poured into a plastic bag and sent to the freezer. Frozen noodles will save time, which can be spent on pleasant communication in anticipation of rich chicken noodles.

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