How can I get a tattoo from the skin?

Recently, no one will be surprised when there are portraits of favorite heroes on her hand on a 15-year-old schoolgirl's body, or there are butterflies and flowers on some parts of her body in women of balsac age. Now the tattoo has become so popular that almost every second one can find a drawing on the body.

However, not everyone knows that almost half of them regret their actions over time and are thinking about how to get the tattoo out to minimize the damage to the skin.

We'll have to immediately warn that the mixing of the tattoo is not a pleasant procedure, but rather, on the contrary, a painful one, which most often leaves consequences in the form of terrible scars on the spot where the tattoo was.

It often happens that having stuffed a tattoo, a person realizes that he does not like it and, considering that it is still fresh, but the colors are not so absorbed, begins to rub it and try to discolor it.

It is better to remember that while the tattoo is fresh, you just can not erase it, but get a dirty unwashed stain - easily.

Still, it's priceless already to go with a tattoo, even if it's not the most successful one, than with a dirty, incomprehensible spot.

There are many so-called “barbaric methods” that are spread over a large number of online forums, where a smart and experienced contingent gives a huge amount of advice.

Among the ways that allow you to bring a tattoo at home, there are the use of hydrogen peroxide and potassium permanganate, sulfuric acid and nitrogen, iodine, but what's just not there!

And most importantly, the reviews of these same people are simply stunning - most of them say that they were able to get rid of the annoying tattoo in just a few weeks or months.

Barbaric ways

  • Potassium permanganate There is a method that includes potassium permanganate - just pour it in the right place, wrap it up, hold it in this position for about 8 hours. But no one says that the method can and is effective, but only for those who do not suffer from the fact that a huge scar is formed on the place of the tattoo.
  • Sulfuric acid and nitrogen. If you follow all the same tips, you can try to “gently” burn the tattoo with sulfuric acid, or put a rag soaked in liquid nitrogen in place of the picture.But again, no one thinks about the fact that acid is a substance whose action can be stopped with great difficulty, do you need through holes in the body? And nitrogen will damage the upper layers of the epidermis, it may even reach the lower layers, it will leave a huge scar at best, and at worst - the boldest comrades may even go to the hospital.
  • Hydrogen peroxide. Some of the more advanced comrades have resorted to such a straightforward method as the introduction of hydrogen peroxide using the same tattoo machine, advised to apply aloe after this, and the tattoo should disappear. Yes, this method can and is effective, because after the peroxide gets under the skin, it will brighten the paint. But think about it, you want to introduce a foreign substance under the skin, and what kind of it. In the end, such a procedure can lead to a hospital bed, be careful.
  • You can bring a tattoo with iodine, which is considered one of the most effective ways of the above. The method associated with the use of iodine, may be the most gentle, but not effective. The recipe is approximately as follows: it is necessary to use a solution of iodine (its concentration should be exactly 5%), rub the tattoo with it three times a day, the place with the tattoo cannot be wound and skinned, which will begin to peel off.The procedure promises to be effective after a month of use.

Advisors assure that the tattoo will disappear without a trace, gradually branching out. But no one says that constantly exposure to the skin with iodine is not good, over time, scars and scars can form.

In addition, after a month there will be no effect, in order to bring out the tattoo in this way, it is necessary to apply iodine for several years. And then, the effect does not promise to be positive.

Mechanical and laser method

Naturally, science is moving forward, and it does not bypass this area. The most correct decision would be, if suddenly it so happened that you were tired or did not like the tattoo, go to the salon where you did the tattoo, or to the beauty salon, and maybe to the medical center of surgery where there is an opportunity to carry out such procedures.


The most common and affordable way until recently was the mechanical method of tattoo removal. But is it possible to remove the tattoo, if everything is so difficult?

Yes, it is possible, but it will be absolutely not a painless procedure, which also requires strong nerves and tremendous physical effort.There is such a procedure a lot, and is accompanied by local anesthesia and a considerable amount of blood.

The essence of the method is simple: the patient is removed, layer by layer, the skin, starting from the upper epidermis, reaching those levels where there is no paint, and the tattoo will disappear.

Naturally, the whole process is carried out with the help of special tools - a cutter with an abrasive surface, or a stone that has a diamond coating.

However, the sad fact is that the place of the tattoo remains an impressive swelling, which goes into a big wound. The place of the tattoo will be healed for a long time, it is necessary to keep this place in a sterile position. This should continue until the wound is fully healed, and it can be prolonged after such an operation for a long time, about 2-3 months.

After surgery and wound healing, scars and scars may remain, everything will depend on how professionally the tattoo was made, as well as on the skill of the specialist who will perform the operation.


You can get a laser tattoo, at the moment this method is considered one of the safest and painless.Several years ago, this method was improved; it began to differ from all the methods proposed earlier.

Perhaps this is the only way through which you can achieve positive results by avoiding terrible wounds, burns and scars. This procedure is carried out by means of a laser, which acts on certain areas where the tattoo was applied, specifically only on the dye pigment. Some of the colors just evaporate, and the other - is displayed naturally.

How much does it cost to remove the tattoo by the laser method? Expensive! The price of one session can vary from 800 UAH to 2000 UAH, and such sessions may require from 8 to 12 trips to the clinic.

So before you decide on a tattoo, it is better to approach this case very seriously, so that you do not have to worry about how to get rid of it.

And if you did decide to get a tattoo, then turn to real professionals, because even the correct depth, which paint is injected, will depend not only on the beauty of the design, but also on the possibility of getting it free of pain.

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