How do liposuction

Vacuum liposuction
The peculiarity of this technique is that the doctor has to work manually. In this case, much depends on the qualifications of the surgeon. Small cuts are made in the problem area, then a tube with a hole at the end is inserted under the skin (the size of the incision and the diameter of the cannula depend on the volume of subcutaneous fat to be removed). Translational and fan-shaped movements of the cannula ensure the destruction and removal of fat using a vacuum apparatus. The amount of fat removed in a single operation can not exceed three liters. This method is the most popular and often used.
Tuminescent liposuction
This method of liposuction has absorbed the best that plastic surgeons have accumulated over the past years. The adipose tissue removal technique consists in infiltration of the problem area with the amount of solution that is three times the planned amount of fat removal.
A plastic surgeon with a marker marks the fatty area, then produces anesthesia with a special chilled solution, which has the ability to constrict blood vessels.This solution provides swelling of fat cells, which facilitates their excretion. A small incision is made in the skin (2-4 millimeters), then a tube is inserted, connected with a sterile hose to a vacuum pump. Fatty fiber is sucked away with the liquid. At the end of the operation, the incisions are stitched and sealed with a surgical plaster, tight fitting underwear is put on or a pressure bandage is applied.
Ultrasound liposuction
This technique is based on the stimulation of lysis and the absorption of fat cells without the risk of skin pigmentation and elasticity. The essence of ultrasonic liposuction is as follows: under the influence of directional ultrasound radiation in the adipose tissue small bubbles are formed. Gradually, they begin to grow in volume and liquefy fat, displace it. In one session, you can remove 10-15 cubic centimeters of fatty tissue. The duration of the procedure is 15-30 minutes.

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