How much is a letter in Russia?

Lyubov Polishchuk
Lyubov Polishchuk
March 6, 2013
How much is a letter in Russia?

Despite the fact that in Russia there is a deadline for sending correspondence, it is observed, in fact, only in part. And, therefore, it is rather difficult to say exactly how much a letter is going around Russia.

Delivery time

Without taking into account the day of receiving the letter, the term for forwarding correspondence is:

  • on the intracity territory of Russian cities of federal significance, on the territories of administrative centers - 2 days;
  • within the administrative center of the subject of the country and administrative centers of municipal districts on the territory of the subject of a federative country of Russia - 2 days;
  • between the settlements geographically assigned to municipal districts and the administrative center assigned to the municipal district - 3 days;
  • between settlements listed in different municipal districts of a constituent entity of the Russian Federation, the time of shipment is calculated as the total interval for the corresponding control periods.

On the page, it is possible on the calculator to calculate the period that will be spent on sending a letter from one given locality to another.

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