How to assemble a motorcycle?

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How to assemble a motorcycle?

A motorcycle is a means of transportation, which may already be more important than a car. On the motorcycle you can avoid numerous and protracted traffic jams. But it is worth considering that to maintain a motorcycle is not so cheap. Repairing the "iron horse" can cost you more than repairing a car.

Stage one: develop the idea of ​​the future of the motorcycle

You, of course, understand that there are a great many varieties of motorcycles. First of all, determine the class of your future motorcycle. This is what will serve as the basis for the choice of style and design.

It is possible that you are full of fresh and creative ideas that are ready to be implemented right now. But the fact is that only professionals can handle it. And if you have never collected a motorcycle, you should choose something simpler that will be easy to implement and then transform and improve. It is for this purpose that you choose what you will build on when assembling your “horse”.

At this stage it is necessary to fully understand the idea of ​​the future of the motorcycle.Make a so-called action plan. You need to think about the design, shape of the motorcycle, a set of parts that you need for the assembly, engine components (its power) and so on.

Stage two: draw a diagram

At this stage, you need to draw a diagram of the future of the motorcycle. It is not necessary to be an outstanding artist to be able to draw a scheme of a motorcycle. Let it all be very conditional, the main thing is that you transfer your idea to paper. In general, all ideas should be sketched and written down on paper, because perhaps in the process you will improve your own ideas, and in order not to forget anything, fix everything and sketch.

According to the finished scheme, you can make a large-scale drawing on which to calculate the dimensions of parts for a motorcycle (for example, a frame). For this we need:motorcycle

  1. simple pencil;
  2. eraser;
  3. big ruler;
  4. paper (it is better to use scale paper for drawing);
  5. meter (or tape measure) for measuring the details of the motorcycle;
  6. calculator for calculations.

It will be useful to make not only a general drawing of the motorcycle, but all the details separately. Having a visual scheme in front of you, it will be easier to navigate during the assembly of the motorcycle, which will reduce the risk of errors.So, afterwards, using the finished drawing, you can check whether all the parts are installed correctly, have you inadvertently forgotten something.

You can also draw a finished motorcycle and paint it by color.

Stage Three: a set of elements

At this stage, it is necessary to purchase or, possibly, find all spare parts, such as:

  1. engine;
  2. wheels;
  3. frame;
  4. metal pipes;
  5. suspension;
  6. fuel tank;
  7. muffler.

In addition to the basic elements, you will need additional parts and tools formotorcyclepossible improvements, for example:

  1. hammer, sledgehammer;
  2. welding (and, accordingly, electrodes);
  3. spanners;
  4. Screwdriver Set;
  5. different hinged pliers tools (pliers, pliers);
  6. bolts, and to them shaybochki and nuts;
  7. grinder for cutting off parts;
  8. putty set;
  9. good paint (better to take in a can so that there are no smudges later) and acetone;
  10. kerosene to clean parts from rust;
  11. small wiring;
  12. stickers for decorating the "iron horse".

In general, it is necessary to purchase everything that you wrote down in your list at the first stage, and, possibly, added in the process of creating the image of a motorcycle.

Stage Four: manual assembly

If you don’t have much experience, you may not be able to collect everything the first timemotorcycleas it should be. The main thing - do not despair. You can always ask for advice from specialists, from those people who deal with the assembly of a motorcycle or simply know its structure. Also on the Internet there are many resources that will help you understand the structure of the motorcycle.

Hand-made motorcycle is called “custom”, which means “custom”. This term describes the type of motorcycle as a prefab, which means that all the details were selected manually, and the design is also a unique idea - yours or someone else.

Motorcycle assembly order

  1. Assemble the frame of the motorcycle from the semi-designer.
  2. Fold over the plug and install it on the frame. Imagine the approximate location of the steering wheel and brake lever.
  3. Install the front hub bearings and analyze the condition of the motorcycle by winding a few kilometers.
  4. Think about how you want to put the wires in a motorcycle. This is an important stage of assembly, since the wires should not be arranged chaotically. This increases the risk of catching them on the go or under other circumstances.And you need to take care of security. Also at this stage it is necessary to think over where the controller will be located, as well as how you will fix it.
  5. Install the remaining required parts.
  6. Also a serious stage. Here it will be necessary to think over and make fastenings of a full wing to horizontal “dropouts”. Do itmotorcycleit is necessary in such a way that if it is necessary to remove the wheel, it is not necessary to remove the entire wing, which can damage it. And in general, that there were no unnecessary problems if necessary repairs. At the same stage, you need to design and weld the batteries, as well as install the headlights on a motorcycle.
  7. At the last stage, it is already possible to test a newly-created motorcycle. First of all, make sure that everything is done correctly and in accordance with safety regulations.

Now that everything is checked, you can go on your motorcycle outside, try to drive a certain distance. Do not immediately squeeze the maximum out of your motorcycle. Get down to testing little by little. If you notice extraneous noises, it is possible that the vehicle is incorrectly assembled and requires additional careful inspection.Do not let everything take its course, because it is your own safety.

After successful tests, you can do design closely: paint your motorcycle as you please, install additional units and “gadgets”. Now your transport is on the move, surprise people with new ideas and be proud of the result.

Now you know how to assemble a motorcycle. If you follow the proposed instructions, then no problems with the assembly should arise. Be attentive to the details, because they are no less important than the main assembly of the motorcycle.

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