How to bookmark this page in 2018

You will need
  • Computer with Internet access, registration on the site "VKontakte".
Find the group you like via search. To do this at the top of the page, in the header of the site "VKontakte" click on the option "community". Next, on the right side of the page, using the prompts, select the type of community, in this case the group. Scroll the page with the mouse wheel, open the groups you are interested in in a new tab. Then go to the tab with the selected community.
On the right side of the page is the group avatar (its main picture). Under it you will see two options. “Bookmark” is the first. Click on it with the left mouse button once. After this operation, the selected group will be added to your bookmarks.
In the same way, you can add any meeting to which you were invited or which you have chosen yourself. And becoming its member is not necessary.By adding it to your bookmarks, you can view all the information published by admins.
In a similar way, you can bookmark the site page user, and it does not matter - he is in your friends or not. To do this, go to the desired account. Scroll the page with the mouse wheel to the bottom. On the left side, right under the audio recordings are several options. "Add to bookmarks" posted the latest. Click on it with the left mouse button once. On this operation is completed.
To view your chosen pages, to the left of your avatar, find the “My Bookmarks” option and click on it. Then, at the top of the page that opens, select People (bookmarked accounts) or Links (added meetings and groups). Clicking on the object, you can easily get to the desired page.
If the page no longer interests you, you can delete it. Go to "My Bookmarks", then in the "Links". On the right side of the group (meeting), drag the mouse over the open field - you will come across a cross located in the upper right corner of the line with the community. Click on it and the group will disappear.To delete a user, go to his page and click "Delete from bookmarks" at the bottom.

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