How to care for lizunom?

Yana Ryabtseva
Yana Ryabtseva
July 25, 2014
How to care for lizunom?

Lizun is a funny children's toy, which is a jelly-like elastic substance, a little reminiscent of plasticine, very soft and pleasant to the touch, which does not leave marks on hands and other surfaces. The elastic lizun fell in love with not only children, but also adults, who with pleasure use it as an anti-stress toy. Lizuna can be purchased at a children's store or made independently of scrap materials. In order for the toy to retain its properties as long as possible, you need to properly care for it. Below are some helpful tips on how to care for a lizun.

"Food" lizuna

To lizun as long as possible remained in its original form, it should be properly "feed." To do this, at the bottom of any container, such as a jar, you should pour water, add a few pinch of salt, put a lick there, close the jar with a lid and shake a little.

House for lizuna

Factory lizuny usually sold in special jars, in which the toy is best stored.If you do not have such a jar, the elastic mass can be stored in any container that is covered with a lid.

Younger generation

If small bubbles appear inside and outside the lizun, leave the jar with the toy for four days. After this time, you will find on the shapeless mass a small spot, different in color. This is a small licker, which should be separated and placed in a separate container.

How to care for lizunom: water procedures

In order to bathe the lizun, you need to pour some water into the bowl and put a toy in it. Rinse it lightly, then transfer it back to the storage jar. Lizun very quickly absorbs dirt, due to which it decreases in size and loses its properties. Try not to let the toys get into dusty and heavily polluted places.

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