How to choose the right dishes

As statistics show, on average, for a lifetime a person takes in food about two tons of meat and drinks somewhere 75 thousand cups of tea / coffee. It is not difficult to summarize that each of us spends a huge amount of time cooking and eating. But agree that it is doubly pleasant to cook and eat on beautiful and high-quality utensils.

There was a time when the dishes played only their functional role, however, now it is also a creative addition to the general interior design.

Buying a new one is a great opportunity to recreate everything that was planned in your kitchen. Adjust it perfectly for yourself. After all, the modern kitchen contains a lot of kitchen accessories - kettles, pots, sausages, saucepans, heat-resistant dishes, etc. And the complexity of the choice is doubled, because the market of crockery inventory is full.

In order for kitchen tools to serve you for many years, you need to know several aspects and recommendations:

1.For a certain type of plate installed in the kitchen requires the selection of dishes made from a specific material, this also applies to pans, teapots, spoons, etc. Any kind of kitchen equipment that directly interacts with the stove itself;

2. It is imperative to pay attention to the material from which the dishes themselves are made, it must be of high quality. The most common materials for the manufacture of kitchen utensils are:

  • Enamelware is a versatile dish that is suitable for any type of food.
  • Glass and ceramics - dishes made from these materials are very high quality and safe for health, just does not change the taste and value of dishes. The only drawback is complex transportation, since this material can easily be broken.
  • Cast iron - great for cooking pilaf.
  • Aluminum - used for dairy products, but not suitable for acidic and spicy ingredients.
  • Stainless steel is a versatile material, suitable for any type of food, but requires special care and thorough cleaning for a long service life.

3.When inspecting the shape of the dishes, you need to focus your attention on the bottom of the dishes. The bottom should have a perfectly flat surface, be thick and slightly concave inward. All the necessary dishes of excellent quality and corresponding to the above standards, you can find in the Internet shopTOPSTO.

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