How to copy an animation

Open Opera browser and go to the page that contains your favorite animated image. Wait until it is fully loaded. Click on it with the right mouse button. If there is an item �Save image� in the menu that appears, then this picture is in GIF format and you can save it in a simple way. Select this item, and in the next window just specify the path and click "Save." If this item is not in the drop-down menu, then this animation image has the SWF format and so it will not work.
In this case, type opera: cache in the address bar of the browser and press Enter on the keyboard. The browser cache will open. At the top is a menu with which you can quickly sort files by format, but unfortunately, there is no SWF format among them, so you have to go the other way.
Scroll down the page and from the list of available sites select the one on which you found your favorite animated picture. Keep in mind that sites are listed alphabetically for convenience.To the right of the site name are two buttons: �Preview� and �Show�. In this case, there is not much difference on which of them to press, because in both cases, as a result, a window will open with a list of files uploaded by the browser for this site, only in the first case the sizes and previews of the GIF files will be visible.
Look for files with a SWF extension. Find them, click on them. After clicking, a new window will open, in which the selected animation will be played. If this is what you need, go back (you can just click Backspace), and then click on the video link with the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, select �Save by reference as�, a new window will appear in which you specify the path for the file and click �Save�.

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